New 2024 Yamaha VMAX Redesign, Amazing

2024 Yamaha VMAX Redesign

2024 Yamaha VMAX Redesign. It’s extraordinary that Yamaha is a motorcycle manufacturer that always gives birth to the latest innovations in each of its products, no kidding next year, this street explorer, he said, will get the latest updates. And this time, armed with currently developing technologies and Yamaha again hitting the industrial world, especially in the world automotive industry with specifications and its newest model, namely the Yamaha VMAX 1,679 cc. This motorbike, which looks dashing and bold, was officially launched in the Asian market last year.

Actually, the Yamaha Vmax 1,679 cc motorbike has been around for a long time and for its first generation, the Yamaha Vmax motorbike was born in 1985. But with the development of existing technologies, Yamaha has launched the latest generation of Yamaha Vmax, which has the name Yamaha Vmax 1,679 cc.

Yamaha VMAX 1,679 cc Not only has a handsome motorbike design and as a touring motorbike, but this Yamaha Vmax also has a very thick motorbike appearance with the aura of motorbike motorbikes from Latin America which are classic and very European. Apart from that, the Yamaha Vmax motorbike is also equipped with sophisticated and modern technologies that will provide a more perfect and more optimal motorbike performance in the future. Not only is the technology sector famous for being sophisticated, but in the underbelly sector the Yamaha VMAX 1,679 cc motorbike is also fairly tough and reliable for long distances.

The 1,679 cc Yamaha VMAX greatly influences the price of the Yamaha Vmax, which has been increasing sharply every year in both the European and Asian markets. For the price of the latest Yamaha Vmax this year, it is priced at around $ 35,211. This is because every new release of this motorbike is always equipped with the latest innovations equipped with today’s advanced technologies.

Apart from being equipped with sophisticated and modern technologies, the Yamaha Vmax motorbike is also equipped with very complete security and safety features for the riders who are also pinned on this motorbike. For more details, let’s look at the following review regarding the Specifications and Price of the Yamaha Vmax.

Yamaha VMAX Engine Performance Redesign

2024 Yamaha VMAX Redesign
2024 Yamaha VMAX Redesign

The price of the Yamaha Vmax, which reached $ 35,211, made this Yamaha Vmax motorbike one of the most expensive motorbikes sold at that time. However, in reality, this motorbike, which seems expensive, does have a tough and reliable motorbike performance. Using a motorbike engine with a capacity of more than 1,600 cc with a 4 stroke, 4 cylinder, DOHC 4 valve engine type with a Liquid Cooled cooling system makes this Yamaha Vmax motorbike more powerful and very tough.

Using this type of engine, the Yamaha Vmax motorbike is capable of producing a maximum power of 147.2 kW at 9,000 rpm with torque reaching 166.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Apart from that, it also comes with the latest technology from Yamaha, this time the Yamaha Vmax is equipped with new technology from Yamaha, namely WSBK technology which is equipped with typical MotoGP technology, namely Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I) and Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T). Read Also !

Specifications Yamaha VMAX

2024 Yamaha VMAX Redesign
2024 Yamaha VMAX Redesign


Engine Type: 4 Cylinders, 4 Steps, DOHC, 4 Valves, Liquid Cooled

Displacement: 1679 cc

Diameter x Step : 90.0mm X 66.0mm

Compression Ratio: 11.3:1

Maximum Power: 147.2 kw/9,000 rpm

Maximum Torque: 166.8 Nm/6500 rpm

Starter System: Electric Starter

Lubrication System : Wet

Combustion System : Electronic Fuel Injection

Transmission system: Constant Mesh, 5-Speed


Overall length: 2,395 mm

Total width : 820 mm

total height: 1190 mm

Wet weight: 310 kg

Wheelbase: 1,700 mm

Lowest distance to ground: 140 mm

Seat height: 775 mm

Fuel tank capacity: 15 liters

Frame Type

Case Type : Aluminum, Diamond Shaped

Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork, measuring 52 mm

Front travel size: 120 mm

Rear Suspension : Link Suspension

Front Tires: 120/70 – R18 M/C 59V

Rear Tires: 200/50 – R18 M/C 76V

Front Brakes: Dual hydraulic disc, 320 mm

Rear Brakes: Single disc hydraulic, 298 mm

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