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New Yamaha E01 2023 coming soon

2022 Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Review and Specs

New Yamaha E01 2023. electric scooter Review and SpecsYamaha Motors presents a patent for this motorcycle and is expected to start using the name E01 on May 17, 2021. With the presentation of the patent, Yamaha seeks to propose intellectual property rights, meaning that the design and appearance of this motorcycle is protected from plagiarism. Not only E01, Yamaha also proposed the patent name EC-05.

It is believed that this patent is a scooter that has an interchangeable battery unit and confirms that it is a scooter suitable for automotive lovers in Europe. This was held back by Yamaha’s attempts to produce the most engines. Talking about the specifications, Yamaha has not provided clear details about the Yamaha E01 electric scooter.

The concept of the electric motor is the Yamaha E01 trapped in the camera with camouflage stickers all over the body. He pointed out that the bike was testing the road. The Yamaha E01 was first introduced to the Tokyo 2019 Motor Show, namely the E01. Then, concept news came closer to the production stage to solidify in 2021 as patents were screened.

2022 Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter
2022 Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter

President of Yamaha, Yoshihiro Hidaya, said Yamaha gave maximum priority to presenting its EV scooter to the European market, and gradually expanded its sales to Japan, the United States and also to China. As an EV motorcycle that enters the 125cc class [combustion engine] segment, the Yamaha EC-05 made by its Taiwanese subsidiary Gogoro has been on sale for a long time in Taiwan and several other countries.

But for the 125cc class market, it will be developed by Yamaha E01 electric scooter and this is the first type of EV. At this point, the name and specifications of this electric motor have not been made public, but one thing that can be confirmed is that the technique of charging the battery is not a removable battery type, like the 2023 Yamaha E01 electric scooter , but by a plug-in loading method.

YAMAHA E01 Engine

2022 Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter
2022 Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter

The 125cc class EV engine to be launched will be marketed in the spring of 2023 as league sales, as well as in experiments in Europe and Japan. The specific form of the lease has not been decided so far. In addition, it is also hoped that the Yamaha E01 will be issued in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia including Indonesia in succession after the spring of the same year.

Well, this means that it will likely be a launch procession by Yamaha Indonesia at the end of 2023, because Yamaha’s first EV engine is sold in the Indonesian market. It will be CBU or CKD or even more, maybe the asia region has the right to do it completely in this case.

Now on the grounds that Ridiapart Yamaha E01 electric scooter looks serious to prove it. If the suspect fit scooter in dimensions isn’t too dissimilar from the Nmax, it’s going up against the Honda PCX Electric. There has been no confirmation on the technical details. But some details can be seen in the pictures, as the instrument cluster LCD shows a surprising battery status in the bottom center.

This side is decorated with various suspected belly warning lights. Then, the machine is also expected to connect to the phone as the current Nmax.

The feet use a 13-inch ring front rear and disc brakes equipped with ABS. The key is awakening, and summoned there will be several driving modes. Some sources suspect that the engine can travel 40 miles to 50 miles or about 64 to 80 km once loaded, meaning that the engine is safe to move around town. Then, another suspicion is that Yamaha could take the battery swap technology along with other manufacturers.

Regarding the strength of the roaming battery, President Hidaka provided brief instructions; “If you imagine the distance of the e-wine (about 29 km), this Yamaha E01 has a completely different level of roaming battery.” On the instrument panel of the instrument panel when the test test session in Japan showed that the remaining cruising range was 70 km with a large number of bar indicators.

Although the figures listed in the indicators cannot be used as an absolute reference point because everything goes back to the passing road conditions and also the driving style to each person is different. But from this we can imagine that this battery energy E01 will grow to the extent of yamaha’s hilarious e-wine roaming power.

Quoted from response On the other hand, feeling strong and unique acceleration for EVs, far exceeding machines with specifications such as the Yamaha e-Wine. Rider can switch driving mode between ECO, Normal and Power, and if you select Power Mode then we can enjoy driving How to run on Motorcycle Spore.

President Hidaka said he has a lot of confidence in this product the E01, it has better range of distance per charge than most current EVs, and also Yamaha guarantees battery safety. Although he understands that the E01 will have a higher price than production EVs from Chinese manufacturers. Although there are several options to change it to battery the cheaper ones that allow battery life and deposition are not as good, but if you can recycle and use the battery backwards, the most expensive battery option is the correct option to get a better quality battery pack to last.

Yamaha also confirms that it is possible that this machine recognizes a battery swap technology where an empty motorcycle battery can be exchanged for a full battery.

If in Asian countries 2023 Yamaha E01 electric scooter will be launched in 2023 later, what about the EUROPEAN market ..? Will the YAMAHA E01 be marketed there too? We don’t know for sure about this, but the YAMAHA E01 is something unique in Yamaha scooters. Read More !



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