New Yamaha Mio 2021

New Yamaha Mio 2021

New Yamaha Mio 2021
New Yamaha Mio 2021

New Yamaha Mio Predictions – The age of stepping nearly six years, making manufacturer must have innovation with Yamaha Mio. Because competitors have made the first move in the entry-level segment. If the company don’t move, then Mio will lose its rivals. Look at the Honda Beat, which had launched its new generation in early 2021. The automatic motor bearing the wing even uses a new frame and engine. Its features are also more complete.

What is the wonder for the latest Yamaha Mio change at 2021 version? Check out the following discussion:

1. The Latest Yamaha Mio Design Prediction Changed Totally

If you look at competitors, Yamaha Mio must have a facelift in 2021. Garputala manufacturers must make designs that are fresher than before. The leak that we got, this motorbike display will have a turn signal slightly separated.

The look of the turn signal looks like Soul GT and Freego. If you look at Yamaha products sold in Japan, there are also auras from Cygnus X.

Not only that, but the headlamps are also made somewhat so that there is a bit of an arrogant impression. The body lines are sharpened to maximize the aura of sportsmanship.

Some say Yamaha Mio 2021 will use small tires like Scoopy. It’s just that the latter information is not very clear. As a result, anything can still happen until the official launch is done.

2. LED Light Feature

Other Yamaha Mio variants are equipped with LEDs first, such as Mio S and Soul GT

The latest Yamaha Mio predictions will use LED lights. Why? Competitors have done it, both Honda Beat and Suzuki Nex II. At least the LED lights must be present in the highest variant, if not want in all variants.

The excess LED lights can make the electrical system more stable, due to low power. Even, the matter of visibility of driving is guaranteed to be better, especially at night.

3. Power Charger Feature

The latest Yamaha Mio facelift predictions, it is necessary to add power charger features. Why? Competitors already have, both Honda Beat and Suzuki Nex II.

Moreover, the power charger is very important to use in this era, because many Indonesian people can not be separated from the gadget. So, the presence of a power charger to charge the smartphone when driving is needed.

4. Fixed engine 125 cc

When it comes to engines, there’s really nothing wrong with Mio M3. The best performance, because it uses a 125 cc capacity. While competitors such as the Honda Beat and Suzuki Nex II use 110 ccs.

On paper, its peak torque reaches 9.6 Nm at 5,500 rpm and maximum power is 9.38 hp at 8,000 rpm. Possible if there is a revision, present in the Smart Motor Generator (SMG) feature like in Freego. SMG is useful to make the engine starter smoother.

5. Prediction of the Launch of the Latest Yamaha Mio, Of this Year?

There is no exact information about this. It’s just the latest Yamaha Mio predictions will be present in 2020. Why? Back again to the initial discussion, he was six years old and really need refreshment if you do not want to be left behind from competitors.

This year there are also many motorcycle exhibitions that can be ridden as a launch site for the Mio Facelift 2021. One of them, the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMoS) 2021. The exhibition is the largest two-wheeled event in Indonesia, taking place on 11-15 November 2021. Read More !!!


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