Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s

Review of Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s 2022

Review of Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s 2022

Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s 2022. I always force my team to think unusual, out of the box – maybe it’s test reviews, stories, interviews whatever will be published here on technwheelz. Now taking my words seriously, our teammates went up to Alibaug (a coastal town in Maharashtra’s Raigad District) to hop on and check out the Yamaha WaveRunner VX700S JET SKI. We really hope that the 2022 Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s will appear with a new style with a more powerful engine capacity.

Introduced in 2011, the Yamaha WaveRunner VX700S is the best-selling jet ski in the entry-level segment. Powered by a 700cc 2-stroke engine, this model is popular with customers worldwide regardless of rental or individual use. Known for its reliability and durability, the VX700S is the manufacturer’s only 2-stroke runabout model.

Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s Model Introduction

The VX700 that has established itself as the best-selling standard in the entry-level and world rental markets emerged this year with a refreshing new Metallic Red coloring. It will definitely cut a stylish figure against the blue sky and water. The combination of the VX hull, with the feel of light handling and running stability, and the 700cc 2-stroke engine with its outstanding reliability and durability, make this model a popular favorite for all types of driving conditions worldwide.

You will appreciate its multifunction meter which provides the necessary information in an easy-to-see form, durable Hydro Turf Mats built to last from the toughest usage environments and all the other user-friendly features, such as the Extended Rear Platform which is designed to accommodate all types of marine recreation. . The VX700 embodies the WaveRunner qualities that open up a world of “Fun Riding” and “Excitement.” Let it take you to a world of fun and freedom on the water.

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Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s 2022
Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s 2022

Features of Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s

Engine, Pump and Body

  • 701cc 2-stroke Engine: Known for its harsh operating environment, Yamaha’s proud 701cc 2-stroke 2-cylinder engine has become its own in the rental market. Its durability, reliability and high maintenance friendliness are recognized by rental shops worldwide.
  • Tilt Detection Switch: An electronic switch stops the engine and oil pumps immediately if the water plane overturns, protecting the motor from ingestion of water.
  • 155mm Single Stage Axial Flow Jet Pump with three blade Stainless impeller designed to maximize water flow for high performance.
  • Stainless Steel Impeller Housing Liner: For high durability, the liner maintains accurate clearance tolerances between the impeller and housing.
  • High Flow Intake Duct and Grate: The dynamic shape of these items directs water flow to the pump for better boost, performance and hook-up.
  • VAR-MAX and Multi Chine Semi V-Hull: These are the first to use the VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Modeling) method for production of Yamaha WaveRunners.
  • Its surface hardness and external appearance surpass its predecessor SMC.
  • Additionally, with the VAR-MAX, it has been possible to drastically reduce the overall weight of the unit by using a flow lined one piece type casting method for the interior of the body, making the VX700S the lightest model in the three seater history of PWC manufacturing.
  • Performance Sponge Design: Provides added straight-line comfort and an enhanced two and three times riding experience.
  • Open Loop Cooling: All Yamaha WaveRunners use open loop cooling, which is used by almost all marine manufacturers. It is the most effective, reliable and maintenance-free way to cool your engine.

Additional Features of Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s

  • Multi-Function Digital Meters: Specially designed meters provide a wide range of information in an easy-to-read format. The convenient tachometer keeps the rider informed of engine rpm, while the fuel gauge and hour meter tell the rider when to refuel and track run time. There is also a complete set of alert functions to provide both recreational and commercial users with the information they need.
  • 84.0 liter storage capacity: allows ample space for drinks, food, spare clothes and towels etc, along with other marine sports equipment helping you enrich your marine life experience.
  • Extended Rear Platform: The most defining aspect of the exterior appearance of the WaveRunner VX series is definitely its Extended Rear Platform. It provides the space you want to rest in your marine sports fun, a place to put on or take off your snorkel or wakeboarding gear. This is the exact space you want to take advantage of the limited space in PWC.
  • Hydro Turf Mats: Under foot are the same Hydro Turf Mats selected by the rider

a world PWC. They offer optimal grip as well as a cushioning effect that riders are sure to appreciate. Their incredible durability is another feature that is sure to satisfy commercial users.

  • Double Convex Mirror: Automotive style and comfort.
  • Yamaha Trademark Visibility Burst: Waterspout from the rear of the craft that enhances the plane’s conspicuousness.
Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s 2022
Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s 2022

Product Specification Jet Ski Yamaha Waverunner Vx700s

  • Length (M): 3.22
  • Width (M): 1.17
  • Height (M): 1.15
  • Dry Weight (kg): 283
  • Engine Type : 2-stroke, 2-cylinder
  • Displacement (cc): 701
  • Drill x Stroke (mm): 81 X 68
  • Compression Ratio : 7.2:1
  • Cooling System : Water-cooled
  • Pump type : Axial Flow 155mm
  • fuel : Regular Gasoline Non-dissolving
  • Fuel Supply System: Carburetor Without Float mikuni
  • Fuel Capacity (liters): BN38 x 2
  • Lubrication System : 50.0
  • Oil Tank Capacity (liters): Oil Injection Mixing Ratio 50:1
  • Storage Capacity (liters): 67.2
  • Rider Capacity : 1-3 people  Read More !

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