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Xsr900 Abarth Price 2024

Xsr900 Abarth Price 2024

Xsr900 Abarth Price 2024. price – again pampering its consumers with this dashing motorbike, you can choose one of the Yamaha motorbikes called Yamaha XSR 900 Abarth. Some information is circulating, it is known that this motorbike has only been made 695 units, and even then it is scattered all over the world, so it is certain that my friend who can have it, will be the centre of attention by most people.

As for the basis of its manufacture, Yamaha collaborated with the legendary tuner from Fiat Abarth, where it produced a cafe racer genre motor, which was present in a retro look but was packaged in a racing motorbike. In terms of performance/engine, it is no different from the standard XSR 900 series, where the Yamaha itself strengthens it with an engine capacity of 850cc on 3 cylinders, supported by the latest technology, the complete power results and details of this cafe racer can be seen in the review Specifications and Prices Yamaha Abarth XSR 900 below.

Design details ranging from the front to the back shows that he is a retro motorcycle. Moreover, the headlamp cover that he was wearing also carried the 60’s cafe racer design. But interestingly, the front fender and seat cowl are made of carbon fibre material, of course, it makes the XSR 900 Abarth look so luxurious and classy. Not to mention the steering wheel wearing the swallow clip-on style model, making it even more interesting.

The 14L capacity fuel tank that he carries is also under an exclusive colour scheme in the form of nimbus grey, and a highlighted Yamaha red speed block graphic, along with the Abarth inscription, shows that he is indeed a limited variant. Then on the back, mounted a single shelter that is formed in a retro style, and a stop lamp in a round shape complete with LEDs inside. Then also installed aluminium number plates, the following two turn signal are also installed in this section.

Xsr900 Abarth Price 2024
Xsr900 Abarth Price 2024

Runway Performance

The engine mounted on him was not far from a racing design. Yamaha itself claims, if the motorbike carrying the 847cc engine capacity in 3 cylinders, and adopting 4 valve DOHC technology, is claimed to be able to accelerate quickly. The noted maximum power that can be produced reaches 115 PS at 10000rpm engine speed, and torque of 87.5 Nm at 8500 rpm rotation. So it’s natural that my friend can get top speed in just seconds.

Not to mention the support of Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch technology, ensuring that he can provide a more exciting experience when driving each user, especially when doing downshifting because it can reduce rear torque because the stability of the chassis remains in the best position on the corner. Besides that, the technology installed in this one cafe racer has a runway kitchen performance which is above average. Moreover, the cross-plane design used by him is claimed to be able to provide strong torque with efficient fuel usage.

Suspension and legs Xsr900 Abarth Price 2024

Xsr900 Abarth Price 2024
Xsr900 Abarth Price 2024

In order to provide more comfort to each user when driving with his cafe racer, Yamaha uses the upside-down model suspension on the front, and the rear is supported by monoshock type link suspension, which with both claims to be able to maintain maximum driving stability. Do not miss the alloy ring 17 wheels mounted on both sides of the legs, complete with large tires 120 / 70ZR17M / C (58W) on the front lines.

While the 180 / 55ZR17M / C (73W) rear line, including both sizes, is large in its class, even very suitable for cornering, because with a wide surface, traction to the asphalt must be much greater, plus the installed tire is tubeless type, certainly safe running at high speed. More steadily, the XSR 900 Abarth provides himself with the TCS (Traction Control System), which offers the following 3 modes of the TCS OFF function, which functions to control comfort while driving. Read More !

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