Yamaha 125ZR Spec

Yamaha 125ZR Spec 2021

Yamaha 125ZR Spec 2021

Yamaha 125ZR Spec 2021. Yamaha 125ZR is a 2 stroke motorcycle produced in Malaysia, since 1998 as a successor to the Y110SS. Yamaha 125Z was then imported to Indonesia by YMKI around 2005. The name 125Z is quite popular. One of the reasons was because this motorbike was the only one that could get close to the Ninja 150R’s speed at that time. but whether next year the 125zr yamaha motorcycle will be issued with the latest model and a larger engine capacity.

In addition, as a motorcycle, the Yamaha 125Z has sufficiently qualified specs. shockbreaker, has a large enough axle diameter (27 mm), so it is more comfortable and stable to use at high speeds.

Talking about speed, the Yamaha 125Z has a kitchen runway specification that is no joke. With a 124.33cc, 2 stroke engine combined with a 6-speed manual transmission, the Yamaha 125Z can produce a peak power of 17.2 hp at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 16.1 Nm at 7,500 rpm.

For the record, with that much power, this motorbike only weighs 101 kg. So this motorbike has very good Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) calculations, so it’s no wonder that there are still many bikers who are curious to propose to him as a racing race or for mere collection.

Yamaha 125Z motorcycles have also been on display at official Yamaha dealerships. It turns out that there are still many who are interested. Read More !

Yamaha 125ZR Spec 2021
Yamaha 125ZR Spec 2021

Yamaha 125Z specifications

  1. Engine type: 2-Stroke, Air-cooled, Single Cylinder 124.3cc
  2. Bore × Stroke: 53.8 × 54.7 mm
  3. Compression ratio: 6.5: 1
  4. Maximum power: 12.8kW / 8000rpm
  5. Maximum torque: 16.1Nm / 7000rpm
  6. Engine oil capacity: 1.2 liters
  7. Ignition system: Digital Advance Magneto Tube CDI
  8. Lubrication system: Autolube
  9. Type of transmission: Constant Mesh 6-speed, Return Type
  10. Type of clutch: Wet Clutch, Multiplate
  11. Dimensions (length × width × height): 190 × 67.5 × 104 cm
  12. Seat height: 75.2 cm
  13. Wheelbase: 125 cm
  14. Lowest distance to the ground: 13.5 cm
  15. Content weight: 106 kg
  16. Type of frame: Twin Tube Frame
  17. Fuel tank capacity: 5.5 liters
  18. Brake type: Single Disc Brake
  19. Front suspension: Telescopic
  20. Rear suspension: Swing unit
  21. Front tire size: 70 / 90-17 38P (TL)
  22. Rear tire size: 80 / 90-17 44P (TL)

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