Yamaha 212 Limited S Review 2021

Yamaha 212 Limited S Review 2021

Yamaha 212 Limited S Review 2021. Yamaha doesn’t call it a rudder that debuted on the Yamaha 24 ft boat two years ago, is now featured on a 21′ boat, and includes a dihedral keel fin that is about six inches deep in the transom and extends forward. amidships. The cast aluminum articulation extension in the transom may increase the length of the keel by 12” and is hinged and steered via a tie rod connected to the nozzle of the right jet pump. This rudder-like articulated keel does not protrude under the hull and maintains the ship’s minimal draft, a jet power feature. This greatly improves tracking at no-wake speeds; Overcome the annoying odyssey that has always been a problem on a jet powered ship without a rudder.

Yamaha has returned to the drawing board and redesigned the 21′ (6.40 m) series of boats, previously known as the 210 Series. Now, as the 212 Series, this boat has more in common with the 24′ (7.32 m) model. which is larger than its predecessor. The 212 series consists of three models, the 212 Limited for luxury, the S limited with a water sports tower, and the 212 X we tested for water sports. Let’s see how this new model takes shape.

Main Features of Yamaha 212 Limited S

  1. Color available in Black or Space Blue
  2. Detachable dining table with pedestal
  3. Adjustable Captain Seat with flip-up bolster
  4. Detachable integrated cooler
  5. Marine stereo integrated swimming platform
  6. 3 position No control Build Mode Bimini top
  7. Aluminum folding wakeboard tower
  8. Trailer painted with swing tongue

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Yamaha 212 Limited S Review 2021
Yamaha 212 Limited S Review 2021

Yamaha 212 Limited S . Review

Yamaha recently redesigned, and reworked, the entire line of the 21′ (6.4m) boat from keel up. As a result, this boat has more in common with the larger flagship models. The three lineups include the 212 Limited S with its forward sweeping turret, the luxurious 212 Limited and the water sports-themed 212X.

The model we tested, the 212X has special features that target water sports action. It comes with 1,100 lbs. (498.95 kg) of total ballast in three tanks, billet aluminum mirrors, premium water sports tower, premium sound system that includes a tower mounted sound bar, subwoofer, 500 W amplifier and six Polk audio midrange speakers.

Yamaha 212 Limited S . Operational Features

1. The Power to Play

When we tested the Yamaha 212X, the first thing we noticed was that it is a powerful boat. That’s a good thing for a boat that’s meant to not only carry lots of friends, but to do so while pulling someone at the end of the line.

2. Home Gron

Simple lifting of the hook in the rear seat hatch allows the engine cover to lift easily on the twin auxiliary struts secured to the heavy duty bracket. This 1812cc HO twin engine is specially made by Yamaha, which brings two significant benefits. First, there are no third parties to deal with should warranty issues arise. Whatever happens the owner will deal with Yamaha, and Yamaha only. Second, it’s not a built-in engine pulled from a motorcycle and then modified for use on water. They are designed and built for Yamaha’s marine market and therefore match the power that boating puts on its power plants.

3. Machine Installation

The engine takes up a lot of the available space in the engine compartment but there is still room to reach all the major components, and of course enough for daily inspections and routine maintenance. We also get to see two Water Puppy pumps to fill the triple ballast tank and it’s hard to miss the white hose running down the middle of the two engines to channel the cockpit duct to the sea.

4. Quiet Cruise

Yamaha boats used to scream when they hit the gas, literally. The sound is loud and Yamaha knows it. Now have done something about it. From the keel to the top there is silencer which creates a much quieter ride, and we noticed that right away. More importantly, we can talk about cruising speed.

5. Clean the Port

Under the hatch in the Space above the door area there is an access port to reach the impeller. At the bottom of this port is a large plug that is released with a quarter turn. Once out, we can go to the propeller to dump the debris, or a plastic bag dropped by some reckless sailor into the lake that we accidentally hit.

6. Steering

Yamaha did a great job making a classy helmet for the 212X. These include dark tones that reduce strain on the eyes on sunny days. Front and center are the two tachometers that provide key information but most of the time the driver will get data from the most significant feature of the Connext controller.

Naturally, no any sane person would reach the rotating impeller, and every time the engine runs, the blades spin. So Yamaha installed a safety feature that shuts off the engine when the hatch is opened. Safe, and very easy!

7. Land tackle

In the bow, the 212X has a hatch above the anchor locker which opens with a lifting and locking latch. The compartment is large enough for the anchor to share space with the front reboard ladder. The locker is held in place with a wedge mount to secure the anchor stock and prevent it from bouncing out of this wedge. Yamaha put aside the traditional twist-type anchor holder and instead added a smart bracket under the hatch that sits above the anchor to keep it secure when closed.

Yamaha 212 Limited S Review 2021
Yamaha 212 Limited S Review 2021

8. Test results

The Yamaha 212X has a 21’3″ (6.48 m) LOA, 8’5″ (2.57 m) wide and without outdrive it is 16″ (40.6 cm) deep. With an empty weight of 3,605 lbs. (1,635 kg). ), full fuel, and two people on board, we estimate our test weight at 4,325 lbs.(1,962kg).With Yamaha’s twin 1.8L 1812 HO marine engines powering our test boat, we achieved a top speed of 50.8 mph at 7400 rpm. Best cruise economy is achieved at 5500 rpm and 30.3 mph. That’s at a speed where fuel burn is 10.75 gph which translates to 2.81 mpg and a range of 127 miles, while holding a reserve of 10% of fuel capacity a total of 50 gallon (189 L) vessels.

Specifications Yamaha 212 Limited S

Overall Length 21′ 3” / 6.48 M
Beam 8′ 5” 2.57 M
Dry Weight 3,605 Lbs. 1,635 Kg
Tested Weight 4,325 Lbs.1,962 Kg
Draft 16”0.41 M
20 Degree Deadrise/Transom.
Max Open Headroom
Bridge Liberation 7′ ​​3” 2.21 M
Weight Capacity 1,860 Lbs. 843 Kg
Person Capacity 10
Fuel Capacity 50 Gal.189 L
Total Weight 4,325 Lbs.1,962 Kg sed. Read Also

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