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Yamaha All New Nmax 2023 Full Review

Yamaha All New Nmax 2023. Yamaha NMAX is one of the most popular scooters in the world. Yamaha Nmax has become a mainstay. Yamaha managed to strengthen its dominance in the 150 cc big scooter class and then presented the Nmax 2023 or the All New Nmax 155. Yamaha has no doubts about equipping the Nmax 2023 with a variety of advanced features and technology. In addition, the design model or appearance is also made more aggressive. The curves on the body seem denser with firm lines. The latest design of the Yamaha All New Nmax 2023 is sportier, but still doesn’t leave an elegant impression.

 History of the First Generation Yamaha Nmax 2023

The first generation Yamaha Nmax is equipped with an engine capacity of 150 cc. The breakthrough given is the VVA (Variable Valves Actuation) technology on the engine. VVA functions to maintain maximum torque and power at every rotation even at high speeds. The latest Yamaha Nmax is equipped with front and rear lights equipped with LEDs.

Yamaha All New Nmax 2023 Anti-lock Braking System

In the braking sector, Yamaha Nmax has relied on ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). In the following months, Yamaha presented the option of Nmax with non-ABS brakes. Although safety features are reduced in this type, this scooter is becoming more in demand, because the price offered is so low. more affordable.

After a few years ago, Nmax not only got a refresh in the form of a choice of colors. In 2017, Yamaha also provided this big scooter with a subtank rear suspension or rear suspension with tubes. In addition, the panel meter display is also made more attractive and very elegant.

Second Generation Yamaha Nmax 2019

At the end of 2019, Yamaha gave a surprise by presenting the All New Nmax 155 Connected. There are two types offered, namely the Connected/ABS version and the Standard version. Yamaha Nmax 2019 continues to be the closest rival to Honda PCX. At the beginning of 2021 at that time, Honda also began to catch up with Nmax by presenting the Honda PCX 160. This scooter has a new design and additional features.

Yamaha Nmax 2023 design

The design carried by the Yamaha Nmax 2023 looks aggressive, sporty, but still elegant. Overall, the DNA of the first generation Nmax is preserved. Although, not a few also say the design is slightly similar to the Xmax 250. The Yamaha Nmax 2022 is called a big scooter because of its dimensions Yamaha nmax has a length of 1,935 mm, a width of 740 mm and a height of 1,160 mm. The wheelbase is 1,340 mm and the lowest distance to the ground is 124 mm. Its own weight is only 130 kg and 132 kg.

Yamaha Nmax 2023 relies on telescopic front suspension and dual rear suspension models. There is also a choice of tubed suspension or subtank rear suspension. For the rim, the Yamaha Nmax 2023 still uses a diameter of 13 inches, the same as the previous generation.

Likewise, the tires are already wide and use the tubeless type. Nmax front tire sizes are 110/70-13 and 130/70-13 for the rear tires. The color choices for the Connected/ABS type are Matte Black, Matte Green and Prestige Silver. Then for the Connected type, there are Matte Black, Matte Green, Prestige Silver, and Matte Red. The standard types are Matte Red, Matte Black, Matte Blue and Matte Green.

Yamaha Nmax 2023 Mesin engine

Yamaha Nmax 2022 uses a new generation engine. However, the engine type and capacity remain the same. Likewise with Blue Core and VVA technology. The Yamaha nmax engine is mated to a CVT automatic transmission and is liquid cooled. The dimensions of the piston are still 58 mm and the stroke is 58.7 mm, with a compression ratio of 11.6:1.

The engine is capable of producing maximum power of up to 15.3 PS at 8,000 rpm and maximum torque of 13.9 Nm at 6,500 rpm. To compensate for engine performance, the front and rear braking systems already rely on disc brakes. Brakes with ABS technology are an option on the 2022 Yamaha Nmax. ABS  system on this scooter is also dual channel, aka working on the front brake and rear brake.

Harga Yamaha Nmax 2023

Yamaha Nmax 2022 dibanderol mulai dari $2,112 untuk tipe Standard, $2,250 untuk tipe Connected, dan $2,450n untuk tipe Connected/ABS.

Varian Yamaha Nmax 2023

Yamaha Nmax 155 2023 kini hadir dengan tiga varian. Pertama, Yamaha Nmax 155 Standard Version yang dibanderol dengan harga $2,112 juta. Kemudian Yamaha Nmax 155 Connected yang dibandrol dengan harga $2.250. Varian teratas adalah Yamaha Nmax 155 Connected/ABS Version yang dibanderol dengan harga Rp 2.450.

Yamaha Nmax 2023 design

Yamaha All New Nmax 2023
Yamaha All New Nmax 2023

Yamaha scooters carry a modern and dynamic style, and the NMax is no exception. The front fascia has a long visor that extends from the digital meter to the sharp headlights. The headlights combine LED lights with DRLs for a much improved design. The rear end is very sculpted, thanks to the twin cluster tail lamps along with the turn indicators. Overall, the Yamaha Nmax design is dashing and cool. This ergonomically designed scooter has a seat height of 765 mm which makes for a relaxed riding posture for Asians.

Yamaha Nmax It also has decent ground clearance which measures 135mm and has a wheelbase of 1350mm, making it easy for traffic jams to pass. There are 13-inch wheels with 110/70 tubeless tires at the front and 130/70 tubeless tires at the rear. Present in the practical features of the Yamaha Nmax, the fuel tank is provided under the floor and can be easily accessed through the central tunnel.

The under-seat Yamaha Nmax trunk is large enough to hold a full-face helmet and can be opened with a button near the lock. The instrument cluster is also very well designed. It houses a mono LCD display, which is simple yet informative. It provides clear visibility during the day, with text in black on white.

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Driving and Handling

Riding and Handling Yamaha Nmax 2023

Made with a backbone frame, Yamaha Nmax is equipped with telescopic front and dual suspension at the rear. Only the rear suspension has a setting for preload, that’s only one level. Yamaha Nmax seats also support comfort.

With a wet weight of 132 kg, the Yamaha Nmax offers light and agile handling. In addition, its short turning radius makes it comfortable to ride in heavy traffic conditions.

Yamaha Nmax 2023 Mesin engine

Yamaha Nmax has a single cylinder 4-valve, liquid-cooled, SOHC engine. This engine is capable of producing a maximum power of 14.9 bhp at 8000 rpm and a maximum torque of 14.4 Nm at 6000 rpm. This engine is coupled with a V-belt automatic transmission unit that transfers power to the wheels. While the numbers aren’t that high, it’s still higher than its competitor, the Honda PCX.

Yamaha has driven the engine with Blue Core technology which makes it even more efficient. Another interesting characteristic of this engine is the Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology, which adjusts the fuel intake at a predetermined speed. Thus, it provides strong torque at low rpm range and ensures maximum power at high speeds. The scooter’s top speed is rated at 117 km/h. And the number of fuel consumption reaches 42 km / liter. With a 6.6 liter tank, it can go more than 250 km.

Yamaha All New Nmax 2023
Yamaha All New Nmax 2023

Yamaha Nmax 155 2023 Acceleration Data

0-60 km/h 5.95 seconds

0-80 km/h 10.86 seconds

0-100 km/h 20 seconds

0-100 meters 3 seconds

0-201 meters 8.18 seconds

0-402 meters 12.79 seconds

Top speed Speedometer 117 km/hour

Top speed Racebox 110 km/hour

Fuel Consumption 42 km/liter (MID)

37 km / liter (all to full)


Yamaha Nmax 2023  Specifications

Yamaha All New Nmax engine

Engine Type Liquid cooled 4-stroke, SOHC

Number/Position of Cylinder Single Cylinder

Engine Capacity 155 cc

Diameter x Step 58.0 mm x 58.7 mm

Compression Comparison 11.6 : 1

Maximum Power 15.4 PS (11.3 kW) / 8000 rpm

Maximum Torque 13.9 Nm / 6500 rpm

Electric Starter System

Wet Lubrication System

Total Engine Oil Capacity – 1.00 L ; Periodic 0.90 L

FI Fuel System (Fuel Injection)

Clutch Type Dry, Centrifugal Automatic

Transmission Type V-belt Automatic


Dimensions Yamaha All New Nmax

W x W x H (1935 x 740 x 1160) mm

Wheelbase 1340 mm

Lowest distance to ground 124 mm

Seat height 765 mm

Contents weight 132 kg

Gas tank capacity 7.1 L


Yamaha All New Nmax frame

Underbone Frame Type

Telescopic Front Suspension

Rear Suspension Swing Unit

Front Tire Size 110/70 – 13 M/C 48P

Rear Tire Size nmax  130/70 – 13 M/C 63P

Front Brake Hydraulic Single Disc Brake

Rear Hydraulic Single Disc Brake

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