Yamaha BOAT 255 Review

Yamaha BOAT 255 Review

Yamaha BOAT 255 Review. Heading out of North Carolina’s Beaufort Inlet in a vortex against the tide, I began to rethink plans for offshore fishing. Sixty-foot-high sports fishermen turn around as soon as they experience the eight to 10 feet of ocean beyond the harbor. We join them. It should be understood that serious fishermen might scoff at the dual-console design. But those who want multitasking capabilities to keep their family happy might want to consider this marine utility boat as you can fish it very comfortably.

Sea Pro uses absolutely no wood in its boat. The transom is made up of a solid composite core while the card is laminated to solid coring and honeycomb. The foam-filled stringer binds to the deck with polyester putty, making the hull, stringer and deck almost a single unit. In fact, the only access point for water in the hull is through the anchor lockers. The water that enters it flows through the foam-filled hull in PVC conduit, ending in the small bilge pump room near the overhead window.

255 BOAT Performance

This type of Yamaha actually moves the 255 off target quickly, cruising to 30 mph in just over 10 seconds. With a healthy load of people and equipment, the Freedom reaches a top speed of 47 mph, burning at 34.5 mph. The most important thing, however, is optimal sailing. At 29.2 mph (4,000 rpm), the 255 burns a modest 13.3 gph for an incredible range of over 300 miles! That equals more than 2 mpg.

Comparatively, the 300 hp outboard (without hardtop and with lighter load) sacrifices 312 mph from the top end but claims the same cruising speed of 29.2, turning 4,300 rpm while garnering better fuel economy at 12.6 gph. That’s 2.32 mpg. In the three feet of sea, the boat rises and falls without a beat, traveling at 28 mph. With standard hydraulic trim tabs, the freedom of displaying an incredible range of trim possibilities, and the ocean made me appreciate the great hand grips everywhere.

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Fishing By Boat 255

Yamaha BOAT 255 Review
Yamaha BOAT 255 Review

The insulated fish box – one 20 gallon under the bow seat of the harbor and an additional 43 3/4 gallon under the starboard seat – makes a total of 63 3/4 gallon of fish box space, which flows directly into the ocean. In order to offer this boat as a family cruiser, Grady made several fishing options that are usually standard into options in free time. For example, the 27 gallon well in the upper window, complete with full column intake and 1,100 gph raw water pump, is an option. But the soft gunwale bolster is still standard.

If you have to get out of the engine bracket area while fighting or babbling fish, you’ll be surprised at how clean it is. You can walk across it without tripping over anything. Availability of grady hand holders under each boat lip and two on each rail, plus two on the upper windows. You can of course put more on the outer transom. Trolling between 5 and 7 mph, I saw only modest subsurface and barely any white water surface.

Design And Development

This boat offers many great options to make your cruising life more satisfying: The pedestal fits into the receiver in the bow seating area. Filler and pillow inserts also make great sunbeds. The optional grill on the back of the driver’s seat (standard is just a pedestal seat) has its own battery and inverter/charger.

Control buttons for optional electric steering seat. In fact, it is one of the first dual consoles where the excellent ergonomics allow you to drive comfortably whether sitting or standing. Anchoring proved easy with the optional anchor windlass; Grady also provides lockers big enough for riding.

The Kenwood stereo with remote control lets you plug an MP3 player into the unit, cover your face and play your own songs. The optional very beefy hardtop with molded space for the life jacket and safety gear also comes with a canvas package of your choice to cover the helmet area. Our boat changed at the head side. It’s roomy. Other standard features include the signature Grady-White transom seat, fresh water shower hose near the pool ladder, and a hidden ladder in the transom.

One design feature I liked and never considered: you can open and close the windshield without disturbing the person sitting in the bow seat but never opening or closing it while walking! Grady-White has never offered an optional hull color. Now you can choose from sea-foam green, sky blue, slate blue or sunshine yellow.


Yamaha BOAT 255 Review
Yamaha BOAT 255 Review

Loa: 24 feet 9 inches.

Beams: 8 Feet 6 Inches.

Draft: 1 Feet 8 Inches.

Deadrise 20.8 Degrees.

Weight 4,459 Lb.

Fuel 150 G smooth.

Max Power: 350 HP Ob

Msrp$99,805 (w/ 350 hp Yamaha OB) – $95,725 (w/ 300 hp Yamaha OB) – $102,100 (w/ T150 hp Yamaha OB)

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