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Yamaha Bolt R Spec and Review 2022

Yamaha Bolt R Spec and Review 2022

Yamaha bolt r spec and review 2022. Yamaha has officially launched its newest product for the Japanese market with two wheels with a dashing body and style, the Yamaha Bolt R-2021. The classic cruise is equipped with a variety of the latest changes, it is hoped that 2022 customers will provide something more in terms of vision and other features classic aspects seen from the design of the tank capacity of 13 liters, round lights and round instrument panel. Additionally, the motorcycle comes with brushed metal finish alloy wheels, twin rear spare shocks, cameraless tires and a metallic grayish blue finish, completing the current metallic color options.

The 2021 Yamaha Bolt R-SPET is powered by 941 cc, 60 degree V-Twin, SOHC and air cool. This engine can produce 54 PS of energy at 5,500 rpm and 80 nm of torque at 3,000 rpm. All meals are combined with a 5-speed transmission system.

Yamaha released a new motorcycle with a yacht design that could be a tough opponent from Harley-Davidson. The 2021 Yamaha Bolt also launches with a more attractive R-SPAC variant. I don’t like the standard model, the Yamaha R-spec spec variant has been equipped with alloy wheels with a brushed metal finish. Each slide variant with color options. The Yamaha Bolt has Metallic Black, while the Yamaha Bolt R has a blue gray metallic color. Unfortunately, Harley-Davidson’s new competitor is only retiring in Japan. The Yamaha Bolt R Spec is the last motorcycle to stand out from the crowd.

With its comfortable driving position, intuitive design and easy-to-use digital display, driving is a lot of fun and will make you feel like a pro in no time. The Yamaha Bolt R expands the boundaries of what can be on a motorcycle. Bolt Motorbikes is a downtown favorite with modern technology and great views, but still fun. The Yamaha Bolt R-Spec is the perfect motorcycle for anyone who likes to push the limits and ride like not tomorrow. Whether you are an experienced driver or a beginner, the YAMAHA BOLT and YAMAHA BOLTS R SPEC EASY DRIVE.

The Bolt R-Spec is the perfect bike for anyone new to Sporty the power you need to hit the open road, but also agile and easy to handle. The Yamaha Bolt R Spec is a great bike for commuting to the office and running errands. With a seat height that’s easy, comfortable and agile around town. Yamaha has built the Bolt R to be light, agile and fun with a classic look that brings back memories of last year. This is a welcome addition to the Yamaha family and goes above and beyond in safety and performance standards. With a low center of gravity and a nearly horizontal rear suspension layout, the Bolt’ R is extremely stable at high speeds. The suspension is carefully designed to be soft, absorbing bumps in the road. The Bolt R-Spec is designed to explore the corners of your hometown. With a 51 horsepower fuel injection engine, low seat height and kick-back style handlebars, it’s comfortable yet versatile.

Yamaha Bolt R Spec and Review 2022
Yamaha Bolt R Spec and Review 2022

Yamaha Bolt R Spec Review 2022

The Yamaha Bolt R Spec and Review 2022 will use a 41 mm telescopic front suspension and dual cushions at the rear will likely remain the same as the previous year. But so far there are no leaks from the company. 16 inches at the back. The brake system is based on 282 mm discs and features multi-channel ABS. In these dimensions, the motorcycle has a seat height of 690 mm and a weight that has a weight of 252 kg and the lowest distance to the ground is 130 mm. The length of the motor is 2,290 mm, width 830 mm, height 1,120 mm and a distance of 1,570 mm from the wheels.

Rider-Focused Machine Yamaha Bolt R

The Bolt R-Spec uses Yamaha technology to create a driving experience that is superior to other similarly sized machines. The fuel injection maps and ignition timing have been specially selected for this bike to deliver class-leading performance with powerful low and mid-range torque that is sure to bring a smile to every rider’s face.

The Yamaha Bolt R is an excellent beginner bike. It measures 150cc and also has some cool features like pull-start and disc brakes. The Indian Scout Bobber is a great bike, although some may prefer the Yamaha Bolt

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Ready to Customize

For riders who value personalization, the options for the Bolt R-Spec are limited only by the owner’s imagination. As the perfect canvas for customization, Bolt R-Spec is the best example of customization.

Unique Persona

Components such as the 3.4 gallon fuel tank, belt drive, front and rear wheels, digital gauges and steel fenders combine to create a distinct look within the Sport Heritage range.

Compact and Stable Chassis Style Yamaha Bolt R

Slim body and design The low seat combines to provide the motorcycle with light maneuverability and a stable feeling of control. An upright riding posture helps the rider feel the wind, hear sounds, and feel the pulse of the engine.

Urban Performance Style Yamaha Bolt R

The Yamaha Bolt R -Spec is stripped with a hint of chrome, epitomizing the “Urban Performance Bobber” look. The compact chassis proudly features a 58 cubic inch (942cc), air-cooled, 60° V-twin sitting at the heart of the bike.

Yamaha Bolt R Spec and Review 2022
Yamaha Bolt R Spec and Review 2022

Yamaha Bolt R-Spec 2021 full specifications:

LxWxH : 2,290 X 830 X 1,120 mm.

Wheels: 1,570 mm.

Lowest distance to ground: 130 mm.

Seat Height: 690 mm.

Weight: 252 kg.

Gas Tank Capacity: 13 liters.

Engine: 4-No, 60 Degree V-Twin, SOHC, 4-Valve, AC

Capacity: 941 cc

Compression Comparison: 9.0:1

Maximum power: 54 PS/5500 rpm

Maximum torque: 80 nm / 3,000 rpm

Fuel System: Injection

Transmission: Manual, 5-Acceleration.

Front suspension: Telescopic 41 mm.

Rear suspension: double shock absorbers

Rear brakes: 282 mm disc.

Braking system: dual channel ABS

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