Yamaha Bws 125 Review 2022

Yamaha Bws 125 Review 2022

Yamaha Bws 125 Review 2022
Yamaha Bws 125 Review 2022

Yamaha Motors Taiwan officially launched a unique adventure style motorcycle. Given the name BWS 125. This scooter is a facelift from the previous version which was also sold globally under the name Zuma 125. The changes are quite significant. Starting from the design, features and engine specifications. The 125 cc unit is priced at 86,800 TWD or the equivalent of IDR 44 million.

The scooter market in Taiwan is one of the largest in several countries. There is nothing wrong with manufacturers launching global products there. Before releasing the BWS 125, Yamaha Taiwan introduced a modern retro motorbike named Vinoora. This automatic transmission motorbike has a unique design with a cute appearance. Consumers really hope that in 2022 the motto of Yahama will be able to provide other advantages and advantages.

Not inferior to its brother, the BWS 125 also has an interesting side. It is offered as a fun vehicle to go on an adventure. Especially for those who like outdoor activities or traveling using an iron horse. Not only the appearance, the manufacturer also provides advantages in the functionality sector. There are several areas and devices that can support the needs of the rider.

As displayed on the official website of Yamaha Bws 125 Taiwan, this adventurous style scooter has a thick and muscular design. The motor body has a boxy shape and is fresher than the previous model. Also visible lines all over his body. Apart from giving a solid impression, such a body shape also makes the Yamaha BWS 125 look futuristic.

For engine specs, the Yamaha BWS 125 is immersed in a new generation mechanical heart with BlueCore technology and Variable Valve Actuation (VVA). Carrying a 125 cc 1 cylinder 4 valve liquid-cooled mechanical heart. Unfortunately the manufacturer has not provided information about the output power and torque. However, when viewed from its characteristics, it is not much different from Yamaha FreeGo or Lexi in Indonesia.

To support the appearance of the motorbike, Yamaha also provides additional accessories to make it even more manly. There are several devices, such as a protective iron for the front wing area, a bracket above the headlights and a side box bracket at the rear, a suspension tube from KYB and a handle guard.

Yamaha Taiwan sells its adventure scooters in 4 color choices, including orange right, unique grassy green in army green, sandy gray, and night gray. The hope is that in 2022 the Yamaha BWS 125 motorbike specifically for the engine can be upgraded to be even more fierce. and also in terms of the body, we hope that many consumers can design a slimmer one. Read More !

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