Yamaha Force 1

Yamaha Force 1 2021

Yamaha Force 1 2021

Yamaha Force 1 2021
Yamaha Force 1 2021

Yamaha Force 1, National Racing Champion in the 1990s

In the 1990s, Yamaha was known as one of the automotive manufacturers who was keen to produce motorbikes with quite reliable 2-stroke engines. And, one of the mainstays of the manufacturer with the fork logo in the 2-stroke moped segment is the Yamaha Force 1.

This motorbike was first introduced in the market around 1992. this motorbike was also marketed in other Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, as well as in Latin America such as Brazil and Argentina. Together with Alfa, Force 1 is Yamaha’s 2-stroke moped which is very legendary in that era.

Force 1 was very popular with young people in that era. The reason is, this motorbike has carried a semi-sporty body design and has often been subscribed to on the podium at various national racing championships.

Unfortunately, the use of the name Force 1 for this bike did not last long. In 1994, the manufacturer decided to change the name Force 1 to F1Z accompanied by changes to the exhaust sector, the addition of disc brakes, and a refresher on the body style aimed at curbing Suzuki’s Tornado GS.

Then, in 1997, this motorbike underwent another name change to F1ZR with a more modern style and the use of racing model wheels. Had appeared in a special edition in 2003, the production of this motorbike officially ended in 2006.

Although present in three generations, Force 1 generally carries an engine with a capacity of 110.4cc, 2-stroke, single cylinder, which can generate power up to 10.7 PS at 7,500 rpm and peak torque of 1.10 kgf.m at 6,500 rpm. . In addition, this motorbike has been equipped with semi telescopic front suspension and double shock breaker swing arm rear suspension. Read more !

The following are the technical specifications for Yamaha Force 1.

Machine Type

2-stroke, single cylinder, 110.4cc

Bore x Stroke 52 mm x 52 mm

Maximum power 10.7 PS @ 7,500 rpm

Maximum torque of 1.10 kgf.m @ 6,500 rpm

Compression Machine 7.1: 1

4-speed transmission

Multi-plate clutch

Mikuni VM20 carburetor

Semi telescopic front suspension

Rear suspension Swing arm, double shock breaker

Front Drum Brakes, Disc (F1Z)

Rear Drum Brakes

Front Tire Size 2.50-17

Rear Tire Size 2.75-17

Weight 95 kg

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