Yamaha GRIZZLY 300 and the Latest 2020 Specifications

Yamaha GRIZZLY 300 and the Latest 2020 Specifications

Price of Yamaha GRIZZLY 300 – From the beginning until now the name Yamaha is very well known throughout the world, even for Indonesia itself is very well known. Until now, there have been many types of motorcycles from Yamaha that have adorned all roads in the country, ranging from the motorcycle, motorcycle, sports motorbike and trail bike. But there are still many automotive friends who do not know about the ATV from Yamaha, the article for this type of people only have a hobby of adventure or often called Adventure, ATV motorbike.

As is the case with other types of motorcycles from Yamaha, the GRIZZLY 300 also has a very powerful runway kitchen performance and certainly will be commensurate with the Yamaha GRIZZLY 300 price. which reaches 348 ccs. In addition, there is also an x step diameter of 83.0 x 64.5 mm and has a compression ratio of 9.2: 1. This way, such a type of machine will be able to produce a very good and tough performance for sure.

With the price of the Yamaha GRIZZLY 300 which reaches hundreds of millions, Yamaha is not awkward to provide everything with the best results. Moreover, the engine has also been supported by a 33mm Mikuni type fuel system, BSR, so that in processing fuel combustion to push into combustion will be smooth and economical. The performance of the engine will be distributed to the Yamaha Ultramatic V-belt with wheel engine brake / F, N, R type, where the power will be released and produce a good performance.

Then proceed to the suspension and legs of the Yamaha GRIZZLY 300, for the first to be discussed namely on the suspension. The front suspension uses Independent Double Wishbone, 6.3-in travel, while the rear suspension uses SwingArm, 7.1-in travel. Both suspension systems will be able to reduce vibrations that occur and provide more maximum comfort. So the driver can drive it with power and is also very comfortable.

It is commensurate with the price of the Yamaha GRIZZLY 300 that has been offered by Yamaha because Yamaha itself has equipped the system with Dual Hydraulic Disc type for the front. As for braking on the back using the Fully Sealed Drum, both braking systems will be able to stop the motor perfectly. Then the tires have a size of AT25 x 8-12 for the front, while the tires for the rear size of AT25 x 10-12.

Complete Features

Yamaha GRIZZLY 300 and the Latest 2020 Specifications
Yamaha GRIZZLY 300 and the Latest 2020 Specifications

As we mentioned above, if the ATV motorbike from Yamaha has quite a lot of features, as well as there has been a feature of CVT (Ultamatic Transmission) complete with V-Belt. In addition, there is also a system of acceleration to move forward or backwards, even more, there is a setting button to adjust the 2WD-4WD drive located on the right handlebar. It is truly extraordinary, isn’t it? Therefore it is very reasonable that the price of GRIZZLY 300 will be priced fairly well.

  1. Prices of Yamaha GRIZZLY 300 above we get from reliable sources

2. Likely the size of the crop varies from one region to another depending on the seller’s policy

3. Prices for Yamaha GRIZZLY 300 are subject to change at any time without prior notice

For the price of the Yamaha GRIZZLY 300, it is priced quite expensive, but my friend will not feel disadvantaged if you have tried the greatness of this ATV Motorcycle. Many advantages have been offered and have a very strong runway kitchen performance. This motorbike is also very well suited for those of you who like adventure, but it will also stimulate adrenaline for the driver to through a mountain road full of danger. READ MORE !!!

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