All New Review of Yamaha Janus 2022 Specifications, Prices, and Variants

Review of Yamaha Janus 2022

Yamaha Janus 2022 Specifications. Yamaha is again making a new breakthrough, now the company bearing the tuning fork has launched its newest scooter for the Vietnamese market, the Yamaha Janus 2022 and it is likely that it will soon be marketed to the European market. The Yamaha Janus 2022 is the umpteenth entry-level scooter that carries a retro and modern concept.

This Yamaha Janus 2022 puts forward a classic design, as seen from the minimal design lines with sharp curves with body corners that tend to be rounded.

In addition, at first glance the Yamaha Janus 2022 is like a combination of a Yamaha Latte with a Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid or another new entry-level automatic scooter from Yamaha.

Yamaha Janus 2022 Design

Yamaha Janus 2022
Yamaha Janus 2022

At the front of the Yamaha Janus 2022, it has a round lamp housing so it is an option to strengthen its retro impression, not to forget the chrome accents around it, making the Yamaha Janus 2022 look luxurious. While the turn signal is placed slightly down. Unfortunately, all the lights still use bulbs.

For the front, the design element at first glance looks like a Yamaha Fazzio, which has a horizontal line extending from top to bottom which also functions as a DRL. Then, there are black accents that divide the front side so that it doesn’t give a too plain appearance.

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Yamaha Janus 2022

Sector legs, wheel designs are also familiar, especially for those of you who have been using Yamaha scooters for a long time. Yes, the wheels are exactly like the Yamaha Mio, using five bars in black.

At the rear, the brake lights have actually used LEDs, complete with a twilight lamp that looks like an elongated line DRL. The turn signal is also made separately so that it gives a unique impression.

Entering the cockpit area, a refresh from the previous model can also be seen in the meter cluster area, which now uses a combination of analog with a small digital display.

Features of Yamaha Janus 2022

Yamaha Janus 2022
Yamaha Janus 2022

Other information displayed is not so much, but sufficient and still functional. In addition to showing speed, there is other information such as fuel capacity, odometer, and clock.

The Yamaha Janus 2022 has been equipped with a smart keyless, Start-Stop system, hazard lights, luggage hangers on the front dashboard.

Yamaha Janus 2022 is equipped with an air-cooled 125 cc Blue Core SOHC engine, capable of producing 9.3 hp at 8,000 rpm and 9.6 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. Here, we review the specifications for the Yamaha Janus 2022.

Technical Specifications for Yamaha Janus 2022

Engine: Blue Core 125 cc 1-cylinder SOHC 4-stroke 2-valve air-cooled

Power: 9.3 hp/8,000 rpm

Torque: 9.6 Nm/5,500 rpm

Transmission: Automatic CVT

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1,850 x 705 x 1,120 mm

Seat height: 769 mm

Wheelbase: 1,260 mm

Distance to ground: 135 mm

Weight: 99 kg

Luggage: 14.2 liters

Fuel tank capacity: 4.2 liters.

The Yamaha Janus 2022 is marketed at different price ranges, the Yamaha Janus 2022 and is available with 3 different types, each of which has several color choices. Here are the details.

  • Limited Edition $1,415
  • Special Edition $1,394
  • Standard Edition $1,239

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