Yamaha Motor Launches YZF-R25 2022, Perfect Speed With Enhanced Style And Performance

Yamaha Motor Launches YZF-R25 2022, Perfect Speed With Enhanced Style And Performance

Yamaha Motor Launches YZF-R25 2022, Perfect Speed With Enhanced Style And Performance. It can be said that the new ergonomic triangle Yamaha R25 is an ergonomics that is still in the category of semi-spoty tourism. In fact, this is not spoty tourism: spoty tourism. Very cue, like the ergonomics of the FZR1300 or Inazuma which also uses a handlebar clip, the spoty groove of the new Yamaha R25 ergonomics is still felt. Even in the easy category for a spoty bike, it’s very comfortable and the speed is perfect.

with low handlebars, but the distance from the body’s handlebars is not far, not at all like the protruding body Superman style Kayak: MrGreen:. The handlebars are not too narrow, still a little. The front view is broad, but the Speedo is also more fashionable and up-to-date. The Yamaha R25 has a soft motorbike seat too, and not at all high! Mmblog can catch again even though it’s not perfect, but if the legs are really slow, it’s not a controversy, high chair.

Even so, this is a step that is parallel to the seat, and the distance is not so close, because other motorcycles, the legs are still very relieved. The ergonomics of the new Yamaha R25 may be on the bike, you will not feel the motorbike, not on the motorbike as a driving horse anymore. For those who want a spoty bike, but they still consider the comfort factor, the new Yamaha R25 is the right answer.

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Yamaha R25 Tampilan Display

The front is a simple wing racing bike, if without the lights. However, there are several lights separated to the right and left, there are four LED light points.
The middle part is the buzzler of the water table which is not a screen, but has the function of capturing the airflow from the front which is channeled to the radiator, thus the task of cooling the radiator.

Then, on the fenders, there are also holes, which have the function of tires and brake cooling. The tire is mounted with an inverted suspension that is given a gold color with a diameter of 37 mm.
Alongside this, Yamaha has also changed the fairing, which now uses multiple layers, the function remains the same, to acknowledge the aerodynamics. There are holes like fins that work to circulate hot air.
Then, at the bottom. Instead, the holes work to dry the air from outside to help cool the engine. With this new design of the fairing, Yamaha dares to assert that the engine topspeed can be increased to 190 km / h.
We can still see the finishing hole on the left side of the fuel tank. Maybe this function is to cool the fuel, and it looks fresh because of the wing style muga.

The tank design is now different. Made looks fatter with a condom, but there are rips on the bottom right and left, so it’s better to hold a pair of riders, so the ergonomics of the drops are better.
With the handlebars, still based on the subreyoke model, but the handlebars are reduced by 22 mm and Yamaha hits the center of the wing, the Yamaha Moge. Unfortunately, the key is not the keyless Kawasaki Ninja.
The most interesting part is the middle. Because it is now filled digitally with a monochromatic screen measuring about 5 inches.

Performance, Typical 250 Cc Two Cylinder

The new Yamaha R25 requires a 250 cc, two cylinder, DOHC engine, with a 180 degree order. Two cylinder engine is probably the main character, efficient, less and the best for online dual engine platform. This engine is a new engine, a new Yamaha engine, like the Honda CBR250RR. If the ninja was a machine in the 1980s redeveloped. This machine has two cubic, 250 and 320, it’s true, i.e. 320 mAh can only be in Europe and other countries, not in Indonesia.

The pull under the new Yamaha R25 may be gentle, but the power of this motorcycle is delicious to Masbro. On tighter roads only 130 km / h, alone, empty conditions, in the morning, they do it tight, it’s definitely delicious.

Sporty But Comfortable Suspension

One of the important changes from the new Yamaha R25 is the replacement of the 41 mm telescopic front suspension, to a reverse suspension. For circuit or track use, ask no more, what is the positive response. Actually, it can be said that this suspension is a little sporty, in a sense, not too soft, brother. The front suspension or rear suspension still feels comfortable. Awaken majestic and sensitive.

Brake Yamaha R25

Yamaha Motor Launches YZF-R25 2022, Perfect Speed With Enhanced Style And Performance
Yamaha Motor Launches YZF-R25 2022, Perfect Speed With Enhanced Style And Performance

The new Yamaha R25 uses the same brakes as the previous generation. Physically, the brake master and brake calibrator do not change or update anything. with two pistons, performance? Strong, and very very good! Front brakes can be used and trusted to hold and stop the engine speed accurately. The brake lever is also ergonomic, pleasant to display, there is a flexion that is suitable for dragging by fingers. The calibrator actually holds the 298 mm diameter disc with precision and stability.

Yamaha R25  Engine Specifications :

Engine Type: 4 stroke 4 stroke liquid cooling, dohc
Fuel system: fuel injection
Clutch type: wet, manual clutch
Transmission type: 6 gears constant mesh
Position: 2-cylinder-line cylinder
Compression ratio: 11.6:1
Maximum power: 26.5kw/12000rpm
Maximum torque: 23.6nm / 10,000rpm
Boot system: electric boot
Lubrication system: wet.
Oil capacity of the total motor: 2.40 l; Periodically = 1.80 l; Change oil filter = 2.10 l

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