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Yamaha NMAX is an automatic scooter model made by Yamaha. NMAX was introduced as the newest member of the MAX series, which are the sporty maxi-scooter lineup from Yamaha.


YAMAHA NMAX 2021. Yamaha NMAX is an automatic scooter model made by Yamaha. NMAX was introduced as the newest member of the MAX series, which are the sporty maxi-scooter lineup from Yamaha. Popular models from the MAX series that are quite in Europe and America include TMAX and XMAX.


Underbone-based NMAX frame model with two telescopic shock absorbers at the front and rear suspension type swing arm units with two coil-over shock absorbers at the rear. The engine that is carried is a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, SOHC with 4 valves with fuel injection distributor. This new engine is designed with Yamaha’s Blue Core technology and already uses DiASil cylinders and Variable Valve Activation (VVA) which is the activation of a variable valve at a particular engine speed, which in principle works similar to the VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) technology Toyota.

For the local Indonesian market, the engine cylinder capacity used is 155cc. With a diameter and a step of 58.0mm x 58.7mm and a compression ratio of 10.5: 1, this engine is claimed to produce a maximum power of 11.1 kW (14.8 bhp) at 8,000ppm and a maximum torque of 14.4Nm at 6,000ppm which channelled through centrifugal type CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). With an empty weight (no-load but a fuel tank, coolant and full lubricant) of 127 kg, this scooter has a power-to-weight ratio that is quite capable in its class.

NMAX uses aluminium wheels with an unusual circle size in the Indonesian scooter market, which is 13 inches, while the size of the front tire used is 110 / 70-13 and rear tire size is 130 / 70-13. The choice of wide wheels and tires emphasizes the NMAX body design which is thick with the influence of European scooter designs, in line with the designs of other MAX series scooters that have been marketed beforehand.

The front and rear lights of NMAX have applied energy-efficient LED lights. NMAX has also equipped with an electric starter and digital LED instruments consisting of, among others, a speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, clock, CVT usage indicator, and fuel consumption indicator. In the braking sector, the NMAX uses single disc type brakes on both the front and rear wheels which are equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) devices, which Yamaha claims as to the first in Asia in its class.

Yamaha NMAX Technology


Yamaha NMAX is claimed to have the greatest power and torque in its class which is 11.1 kW / 8000 rpm and torque of 14.4 Nm / 6000 rpm. Another advantage is the lightest weight in its class (120 kg). That is why with the power, torque and lightest weight in its class, NMAX is called The Ultimate Sports Matic.

Yamaha’s latest technology development also gave birth to a VVA that perfected the NMAX and made its performance even better. VVA maintains maximum power and torque at all engine speeds, including at the critical point of 6000 rpm when power and torque tend to fall.

VVA technology works in the head cylinder, where there are two types of the cam, namely low-speed cam and high-speed cam that support VVA performance, so that maximum power and torque at each rotation.

VVA technology (Variable Valve Actuating) applied to Yamaha Nmax is a cam technology that is used as a modifier of the timing, duration and lift valve (valve) on a 4 stroke engine. This is done by applying a different cam profile when the engine speed is low (low) and when the engine speed is high (high).

VVA is part of Yamaha’s Blue Core technology so that its performance is more perfect. The superiority of NMAX with Blue Core is that the combustion is more optimal, maximum cooling and minimal friction.

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Some Advantages of Yamaha Nmax

  • Optimum combustion thanks to the support of a large volume of Air Cleaner, where the right air volume produces optimal combustion efficiency in all conditions.
  • Optimizing the FI (Fuel Injection) setting system – a 3-dimensional mapping system to control fuel volume and the ignition timing based on rpm and gas openings.
  • Optimal valve shape and layout (effective air control and compact combustion chamber design).
  • Tumble effect (optimum tumble effect results in the perfect mixture of fuel and air).
  • Compact combustion chamber (optimal port and combustion chamber design, guarantee complete combustion).
  • VVA (Variable Valves Actuation)
  • Maximum cooling with compact radiators (compact form, maximum VVA cooling).
  • By-pass thermostat (shorter warming up, saving fuel).
  • DiAsyl Cylinder & Forged Piston (releases heat faster, lighter and stronger).
  • Minimal friction with a roller rocket arm (low friction, maximizing engine power).
  • Offset cylinder (the axis of the cylinder body and the crankshaft are not aligned/offset, minimizing noise and vibration, maximizing engine power).
  • Compact AC magneto (efficient power generator, reduces engine load).
  • NMAX is also a stable motor with a delta shape frame (underbone cradle frame type with delta shape, strong and lightweight).
  • Fuel tank centre tunnel (centre of gravity, stable).
  • Linked engine with rubber (small vibration).
  • Twin shock absorber (stable when manoeuvring).
  • The wide tires is 13 inch (front 110/70 – 13 M / C 48P, rear 130/70 – 13 M / C 63P).

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