Yamaha R6 2020 Specifications

Yamaha R6 2020 Specifications

Yamaha R6 2020 Specifications
Yamaha R6 2020 Specifications

Design and Dimensions

Like what we said above, the outer appearance or can be said as the body design of the All-New Yamaha R6 is really different from the previous generation, because at this time the DNA of the New Yamaha R1 is really attached to this motor, starting from the look the front where there is a vent in the form of sharp lines, then the rearview mirror is equipped with turn signal, while for lighting, Yamaha adds a DRL lamp plus Projector below. The tank model is also different, including the material used which is no longer thick steel but uses lightweight material, then designed sporty.

While on the stern, installed a cool tail tidy along with turn signal and stop lamp inside which found LED lights. His posture is also fairly fitting, for a person’s height of about 168cm, the particle dimensions of the All-New Yamaha R6 which has a size of 2034mm x 696mm x 1151mm, allows people with this height easier when starting driving it. Then for the riding position, automotive buddies will feel the sensation of riding a racing motorbike, so it is certainly quite sore if you drive if you make long trips.


In terms of engine capacity, it is the same as its predecessor, where Yamaha planted a 599cc DOHC capacity engine which was packed in 4 inline cylinders following 16 valves made from titanium. Then the compression ratio that it uses is 13.1: 1, and is supported by a 6-speed manual transmission, as a result, all of this Yamaha-made motor can produce power and steady torque. Well not only that, the latest technology is embedded in this sector as a performance booster.

As for the technology that it uses, such as the Quick Shifter, the existence of these parts certainly makes it easier for users to climb down without having to use a clutch. Stunning again that is not there in the previous R6, is directly proportional to the price of the All-New Yamaha R6 which is more expensive, making it equipped with riding mode, which can later be adjusted to the needs when driving. In addition, there is also Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake technology that is neatly installed in the fuel supply system to be more optimal.

Suspension and Legs

Comfort becomes one thing that can not be left behind, to support it, Yamaha relies on the suspension of KYB both the front and rear models with 43mm diameter Upside Down on the front lines, then the rear-mounted piggyback shock that can be changed up to 4 modes, clear guarantee the user feels comfortable when driving. Besides that, behind the sporty alloy wheels with 5 spoke more cool with colours that match the body colour choices.

Wide tread tires are not left behind installed on the All-New Yamaha R6 with a large 120 / 70ZR17 (front) and 180 / 55ZR17 (rear), which not only enhances its appearance but is very suitable for you who like cornering, because of its height and size tires that are so big, making users no longer need to worry when bulldozing a variety of bend models. Even friends don’t need to be afraid when driving in the rain, the article is the maximum braking thanks to the ABS technology installed on both legs.

All-New Yamaha R6 features

In addition, Yamaha gives 5 new technologies that are not owned by the previous generation, first, there is a DRL lamp with a modern design, then on the braking side, Yamaha add ABS, wherewith this one feature makes braking more leverage, because it ensures the wheel rotation will not be locked when friend do sudden braking. Then there is the riding mode, quick shifters, and traction control that further adds to the selling value of this latest Yamaha big bike.

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