Yamaha r9 2022 Price and Specs

Yamaha r9 2022 Price and Specs

Yamaha r9 2022 Price and Specs
Yamaha r9 2022 Price and Specs

Yamaha r9 2022 Price and Specs. The new Yamaha motor sport from the world giant company has launched the upcoming 2022 Yamaha R9, and is rumored to be using the MT-09 engine specs?

This new Yamaha R9 2022 motorcycle is from the motor sport segment, which many bikers have been waiting for, both in Europe and Asia

Previously it had appeared with the name Yamaha R7 on the emission test registration document at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and was successful.

After the yamaha R7, news emerged that the Yamaha R9 would be launched in full sport style. This was reinforced by the leaking of data on the new Yamaha R-Series motorcycle as quoted from some circulating information.

It is expected that the 2022 Yamaha R9 will use an inline three-cylinder engine, like the one used by the MT-09 so that it can produce strong power when we open the big gas lever.

Yamaha R9 2022 Engine Specifications

Yamaha r9 2022 Price and Specs
Yamaha r9 2022 Price and Specs

Yamaha R9 2022 This new engine will increase its engine capacity from 847 cc to 889 cc. The engine is said to be capable of spitting out 117.4 hp and 93 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. Plus the 3-cylinder engine will get an upgraded intake system and a new injection system, so there’s no doubt in riding the big horse of the 2022 Yamaha R9.

Although there is an addition to the engine capacity, it is claimed to be about 1.6 kg lighter than the previous model so that it is able to provide full acceleration.

In previous releases Yamaha has not registered the YZF-R9, but in the same document there are several R-Series names in it.

Other preparations for the production of the Yamaha R9 2022 sport fairing motorcycle in various segments will certainly be awaited by Yamaha lovers.

If next year’s Yamaha R9 really slides, are you not interested in owning the iron horse?

Price Yamaha R9 2022

we also had time to get additional information, the Yamaha MT-09 which is sold in Asia with CBU status or imported directly from Japan is priced at $ 20,422 and may be much more expensive in European countries.

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