Yamaha RX King Review 2021

Yamaha RX King Review 2021

Yamaha RX King Review 2021

History of King RX King

Yamaha RX King Review 2021. King Street in its glory is very interesting for you to know. However, it would be better if you know the difference between engine 2 and 4 and not as well as the benefits of understanding the legendary engine with its distinctive characteristic shrill sound.

This 2nd motorcycle is very famous as “Snatch Motorbike”. This can not be separated from the many cases of crime as thieves, RASS and thieves whose perpetrators use the RX King, which has a speed higher than the average motorcycle in the glory era.

This engine itself has stopped producing, precisely in 2008. The reason is that this bike does not comply with exhaust emission standards.

The First Generation Yamaha Rx100 In 1977

The first generation RX King to start the history of the RX-King journey was launched in 1977 with 2 non-cube engine specifications and only 100 cc. Meanwhile, the power reaches 11.5 hp with a top speed of 110 km / h. At the moment this motor includes a high speed motor.

What makes it attractive, in addition to its speed, is due to effective fuel consumption. For 1 liter of fuel, can be used to travel 40 km.

Yamaha RX King Review 2021
Yamaha RX King Review 2021

Second generation Yamaha RX125 in 1979

The 1979 King RX has been upgraded from its first generation. The engine two is not equipped with a 123cc cube. Because the power generated alone can reach 13 hp which is quite respected in its time. As the first generation, the RX125 is designed with 4 acceleration.

The third generation Yamaha RX-K in 1980

This generation of King RX has been upgraded to a 135 cc engine specification. The maximum strength is 17.5. Although the maximum speed can reach 150 km / h and become greater than that time.

This machine can be used to accelerate on the highway. This bike is also called CBU from Japan, so it is equipped with lights. In the Indonesian market, the RX-K only took place in 1983.

The fourth generation Yamaha RX-S in 1981

In 1981, Yamaha launched the RX-S with a cubicerization of 115 cc. This bike was introduced directly from Japan and stayed in the Indonesian market until 1983.

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Fifth generation Yamaha Rx-special in 1983

This Yamaha motorcycle is an upgrade to the RX-S. For engine specifications, it is always the same as that used on the RX-s.

The sixth generation of the Yamaha RX-King Cobra in 1983

This bike can be called one of the legendary machines in Indonesia, even many collectors are always sought after today. The name Cobra itself is shot in the form of unique handlebars and tanks.

For the engine, this is the result of the Japanese assembly. Meanwhile, for the framework is the Indonesian assembly. Yamaha motorcycle products with this engine code Y1-Y2 are so far the target of motorcycle collectors.

Here are the specifications of the Cobra RX-King: 135 CC engine with a maximum power of 18.2 hp. This motorcycle has a torque of 15.1 nm at 8,000 rpm.

The seventh generation Yamaha RX-Z in 1985

Compared to the King Rx, the difference is in the cylinder stroke length where the RX Z reaches 56 × 54 mm. While the Yamaha RX-King motorcycle reaches 58 × 50 mm.

The RX-Z has been designed with a modern and vibrant headlight, sub-seat, exhaust look in comparison to the Rx-King. There is also a full version of the RX-Z Generation Fairing under the name Yamaha RZ-R.

The eighth generation Yamaha RX-R in 1988

King Yamaha Rx this generation is less popular in Indonesia. The design itself is the same as the RX King with the lack of Cuba. The engine used is 115 cc.

Ninth Generation Master Yamaha Rx-King in 1996

This Yamaha bike was launched in 1996 and lasted until 2001. What was made different from the Cobra Rx-King, was produced in Indonesia.

New Tenth Generation Yamaha RX-King in 2002

This Yamaha Rx-King is the latest generation that ends the long history of the RX-King journey because it has not been produced again after reporting emissions in Indonesia. The RX King was designed with the addition of a catalytic converter in the exhaust to eliminate emissions.

This keeps the smoke from falling like the previous generation. Another uniqueness is the presence of headlights that are designed in a round shape like the RX100 and RX125.

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Yamaha RX King review

The current classic motorcycle is Prima Donna and one of them is the Yamaha Rx King. Due to its popularity, two-wheeled vehicles have been produced by songs by the famous Dangrut musician, namely Sodium Monata.

Singing uplifting songs and quirky lyrics did the job of musicians with dreaded hair instantly popular. This RX King motorbike is very popular, of course it is not surprising, because this motorbike has a lot of interest.

In addition, the vehicle dubbed “Snatch Motorbike” currently has many motorcycle clubs.

Another interesting thing is the price of the Yamaha Rx King. Yes, some artists and enthusiasts do not hesitate to buy, even if the bike is priced in the tens of millions. Even the viral price of the Yamaha Rx King has sold for $300 million.

In fact, what is the King Yamaha Rx so interested in? To answer, see the critics, Yamaha RX King specifications and prices below.

Yamaha Rx King Design

The price of the former King Yamaha Rx can reach tens of millions of its natural inhabitants. One of the things that affect the design. Yup, Yamaha’s legendary engine has a timeless conception.

Research again, what changes for the Yamaha Rx King from generation to generation? From the last long release, the Yamaha RX King has made a few changes in the design. As a result, the shape of the RX Raja is very distinctive and unique, only seeing the essence form, the box, the motorcycle seat.

Yamaha Rx King and Feet

With a distinctive design, do not be surprised if the price of the Yamaha RX King is used up to tens of millions. The game is also in the frame and legs. Every generation got engaged, almost nothing changed either.

Yamaha Rx King uses a double cradle frame. Then, the suspension uses telescopic for the front and the rear uses a surprising double shock. Braking problems, the RX King uses drums at the rear and disc brakes to the front.

Yamaha RX King Review 2021
Yamaha RX King Review 2021

Yamaha Rx King Engine

Outside of design, the RX King’s synonym is a ferocious engine. Yup, the performance of this bike is really crazy. The Yamaha RX King is also known for being agile and most importantly the 2 voices of Nothard Cuisine. I am very popular, when crossing the road, every driver will know the tone of voice of King Rx.

Please note that the Yamaha RX King uses a 2-stroke, air-cooled type capacity. The track cuisine can produce 1.54 kgf.m of power at 8,000 rpm and 18.5 ps of torque at 9,000 rpm.

Specifications of Yamaha Rx King

Yamaha Rx King is always in a hurry. In addition to its iconic and feature-packed characteristics, this bike is also easy to materialize. Because of spare parts? Moto Snatch? Easy to find. Therefore, it is very natural that the price of the King Yamaha Rx goes up. Complete specifications of the Yamaha Rx King:

Dimensions: 1,970mm (length), 735mm (Pesricer), 1,065 (top), 160mm (distance to floor).

Tank: 9.5 liters

Skeleton: Cradle Double

Suspension: dual shockbreaker (rear), telescopic (front)

Brakes: drum (rear), disc brake (front)

Tires: 3.00? 18 4 PR (back), 2.75? 18 4 PR (home)

Engine: 132cc, 2 times, air cooled

Fuel System: VM 26 x 1 Mikuni Carburetor

Step diameter: 58.0 x 50.0 mm

Transmission: 5 Speed ​​Manual

Performance: 18.5 ps / 9 000 rpm (power), 1.54 kgf.m / 8000 rpm (torque). Read More !

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