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New Yamaha Tenere 1200 Redesign 2023, See the Advantages of the Engine

Yamaha Tenere 1200 Redesign 2023, See the Advantages of the Engine

Yamaha Tenere 1200 Redesign 2023 Maybe some Yamaha Tenere 1200 motorcycle lovers already know about the Yamaha Super Tenere? Is it true that this giant company redesigned the upcoming Yamaha Tenere 1200 2023?
Yamaha’s flagship motorcycle with the Enduro Adventure genre. Armed with a 1200 CC two-cylinder DOHC engine, this motorbike is capable of spewing power up to 112 hp at 7,250 rpm and 117 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm in just a short time.

In terms of power, this bike is indeed head-to-head with the BMW GS1200 (110HP and 120Nm), but from the looks of it, the Super Tenere looks very dashing, big, and tall. This motorbike also uses a clutch as a means of connecting power from the engine to the tires, and uses spokes for the front and rear wheels, the feel of adventure is very thick on the Yamaha Tenere 1200.

If you look at the enthusiasm of adventure/motorcycle lovers, it is not impossible that this motorbike can sell well if it is sold in Asian countries.
It is true that the big name or prestige of the Yamaha brand is not like European brands such as BMW, Ducati. But if the promotion is right, Super Tenere also has its own charm. Moreover, the price tag of this motorbike is also definitely expensive, the spare parts must be of higher quality than other types of motorbikes.

Yamaha Tenere 1200 Crossplane Crankshaft. Machine

Equipped with 1199cc parallel twin engine, liquid cooled equipped with a unique 270° transverse crankshaft for superior traction. It’s almost like having a big thumper without the vibration that makes the rider very comfortable.

Yamaha Tenere 1200 Motorcycle Ready for Adventure

The compact design of the Yamaha Tenere 1200 engine uses a dry-sump oil supply in the crankcase to increase ground clearance.
The side mounted radiator shocks the Super Yamaha Tenere 1200 and protects it from rocks and road debris.

Yamaha Tenere 1200 Has Advanced Fuel Injection

The Yamaha Tenere 1200’s built-in twin bore downdraft fuel injection system with 12 injector holes is tuned for on- or off-road adventures and built for a comfortable ride like the long open road.

Yamaha Tenere 1200 Redesign 2023
Yamaha Tenere 1200 Redesign 2023

Yamaha Tenere1200. traction control

YCC-T’s proven fly-by-wire technology enables an advanced traction control system by adjusting ignition timing and fuel injection volume and throttle valve opening based on rear wheel rotation. so customization Three modes that can be selected by the driver are available to suit driving conditions and preferences.

Yamaha Tenere1200. Cruise Control

The Super Yamaha Tenere 1200 includes a cruise control system powered by the YCC-T. Riders can easily select or set the set speed to facilitate long-distance touring on the highway so that it is not easy to get tired while driving.

D-Mode Throttle Yamaha Tenere 1200

Throttle D-Mode on the Yamaha Tenere 1200 offers two response settings: “T-mode” for Touring and general riding to provide a softer response and “S-mode” for Sport riding when the rider wants maximum performance and power.

Yamaha Tenere 1200 Redesign 2023
Yamaha Tenere 1200 Redesign 2023

Versatile Drivetrain embedded in Yamaha Tenere 1200

The six-speed wide-ratio transmission on the Yamaha Tenere 1200 has gear ratios optimized for everything from slow dirt roads to high-speed sports driving on public roads. The durable closed axle drive is protected from the elements while providing a direct and responsive connection to the rear wheels.

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Curious about the Yamaha Tenere 1200 2023 engine specifications

Engine Specifications Yamaha Tenere 1200 2023

Machine type

Liquid cooled 1199cc inline 2 cylinder engine capacity; DOHC; 8 valve
Hole x Step 98.0mm x 79.5mm
Compression ratio 11.0:1
Fuel Injection Fuel Delivery with YCC-T
TCI Ignition: Transistor Controlled Ignition
6 speed; multi plate wet clutch
43mm inverted Front Suspension/Fork; electronically adjustable compression and rebound damping; 7.5-in ride
Suspension / Rear Monoshock; electronically adjustable preload and rebound damping; 7.5-in ride
310mm Front Dual Hydraulic Disc Brake/Disc Brake, Integrated Brake System and ABS
282mm / Disc Rear Single Brake, Integrated Brake System and ABS
Tires / Front 110/80R19
Tires / Rear 150/70R17


W x W x H 88.8 inches x 38.6 inches x 55.5 inches
Seat Height 33.3 or 34.3 inches
Wheelbase 60.6 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 28.0 °
No trace
Maximum Ground Clearance is missing
Fuel capacity 6.1 ga
Fuel Economy 43 mpg
Wet weight 584 lb

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