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2023 New Yamaha Tenere 700 Engine Specifications And Features

2023 Yamaha Tenere 700 . Engine Specifications And Features

2023 Engine Specs And Features The Yamaha Tenere 700. is the latest in a series of dual-sport Yamaha motorcycles that bear the name Tahus Desert Ténéré from the Dakar Rally in the Sahara. My Yamaha XT660Z successor was announced for the first time as a T7 concept at EICMA 2016 with a launch foreseen in production in 2018. A refined concept was published a year later. But what about the concept and specifications of the Yamaha Tenere 700 2023 next year? Many estimates that tenere 2023 will add more complete and powerful concepts and features.

Yamaha announced that deliveries of the bike will begin in Europe in July 2019, and only a year after the United States due to emissions and other regulations. DOHC engine 4, no 8-valve with liquid crankshaft crankshaft axis has been used and properly checked on bare sports motorcycles YAMAHA MT-07 and Tracer 700.

Main Characteristics

Yamaha Tenere 700
Yamaha Tenere 700

Advanced Double Cylinder Engine

The Yamaha Ténéré 700 features a fuel injection, 689 cc, liquid cooled twin cylinder engine, derived from the award-winning MT-07 from Yamaha. This compact mill has the ideal diet for trail adventure, controlled and controlled in all driving conditions.

Adventure-Focused Ergonomics

The Ténéré 700 has a narrow body, thin fuel tank and a flat seat that allows for optimal conductor agility, allowing the rider to enter the tank in a seated or standing position by providing additional confidence in the ground or ‘asphalt. Suffering protectors and hand guards work with conical handlebars to ensure the longest ride comfort.

Not Afraid Of Getting Dirty

The ultra-high-adjustable long-range suspension coupled with 21-inch front-mounted ground-mounted spokes and 18-inch rear tires ensure that the TAY 700 doesn’t slip off the curb. Finish The three disc brakes also have selectable ABS capability, which can be disabled if desired for off-road driving.

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Yamaha R3
Yamaha R3

Improvement Meets Sustainability

All aspects of the Yamaha Ténéré 700 are built to combine Yamaha’s legendary reliability with impressive performance, from the concise LED Headlight to the strong and narrow steel frame to the smooth balancing engine and LCD gauges. Crystalline


Short Machine, High Technology

Developed from the excellent Sportbike MT-07 Hyper Nude, the 700 ténéré engine combines outstanding reliability and an attractive power supply in a compact, fuel-efficient assembly. With a global size similar to that of certain single-cylinder motorcycles, the 689cc, liquid cool, online doHc twin fuel injection engine gives the tether 700 major manipulations, while the two-cylinder design produces smooth, long legs.

Cross-Board Concept

This two-cylinder engine features a 270-degree crank function. “Yamaha crushed the crank concept – which follows its line directly to the XTZ750 race bike that dominates the Dakar – to provide linear torque development in response to an influx of drivers. The CP2 engine is also light, elegant and compact, and offers a level of communication. / excellent engine.

Offset Cylinder Design

The CP2 engine moves the cylinder bore slightly towards the exhaust. This offset reduces piston friction against the cylinder wall for increased reliability, more energy and increased fuel economy.

Short Stacked Transmission

The six-speed transmission “accumulates” the gearbox and crankshaft in a triangular disposition to keep the global motor size shorter than the front at the rear, optimizing for a superb engine installation. The transmission report is designed to deliver the best low-speed torque and its response characteristics are excellent, allowing the rider to focus on the road or trail ahead.

Smooth Fuel Injection

The electronic fuel injection setting has been calibrated to strike a balance between perfect response for off-road technical behavior and smooth linear delivery ideal for flow advancement when returning to pavement. Offering excellent fuel economy, powerful acceleration and precise control on and off the road, the result is a very versatile power station.

Chassis / Suspension

Yamaha Tenere 700
Yamaha Tenere 700

Lightweight Double Cradle Frame Design

The light high-strength tubular steel frame provides a defined balance of rigidity for agile and reactive manipulation with the resistance and durability needed to tackle the toughest terrain with confidence. The chassis uses 62.6-inch short axle wheels and offers a 9.5-inch ground clearance to tackle the trails for you.

Balanced Ergonomics

The ability to transfer weight forward and upside down to adapt to the field is especially important in off-road driving situations. Therefore The Yamaha  Ténéré 700 has a flat seat and a slim body that allows maximum driver agility. The narrow body and fuel tank also allow the rider to take the tank, whether sitting or standing, adding to confidence when driving on dirt or asphalt.

Suspension Ready For Adventure

Aggressive ground behavior requires qualified suspension, so the Ténéré 700 uses a 43 mm inverted fork with 8.3 inches of clearance. The reverse layout is highly resistant to flexibility to maintain the correct direction and good action of the suspension, and the fork can be fully adjusted according to changing road and track conditions. The rear shock binding type is also equipped for adventure, with a 7.9-inch leaflet and remote start load controller to easily adjust to easily edit charging or driving conditions.

Dirt-Ready Braking With Transferable Belly

The Ténéré 700 has a pair of 282mm front disc discs, with rear braking handled by 245mm wave-force rotors, for powerful decelerations that aren’t afraid of dirt and dust. ABS exists as the norm to increase motorcycle confidence and prevent reduced inner wheel lockout, but the 700 traction provision allows the driver to disable the manual control system which is ideal for the unique requirements of difficult off-road conditions.

Durable Long Wheels

Unlike many proposed adventure bikes that have formed wheels or road bias, the tethered 700 exhibits severe route intent with tough raped wheels that mount 21-inch front tires and 18-inch rear tires, ideal for road and off-road driving. Strong and lightweight, these wheels provide the rider with a wide choice of tires, from aggressive pure enduro tires to versatile dual-sport options.


Rally-Bed . LED Lighting

Echoing the focused and purposeful design of a “working” racing machine built for rally, the Ténéré 700 sports a clear headlight nacelle with quad LED headlights. This vertically stacked two-plus-two headlamp design provides an aggressive look and excellent visibility, while the LEDs themselves are bright, durable and resistant to shock and vibration.

Protective and Versatile Cockpit

A rally-inspired top fairing and standard handguard ensure ideal wind and weather protection for long days of riding. The tapered aluminum handlebar is positioned for a relaxed riding position when sitting or standing on the pegs. The cockpit is also designed to accommodate additional navigational devices, such as a GPS or rally road book.

Rally Style Instruments

The lightweight instrument panel displays a variety of information that can be absorbed without having to take your eyes off the road or track. The multi-function LCD screen displays gear position, fuel level, two meters of travel and estimated fuel range, average and instant fuel consumption and more.

Amazing Reach

Thanks to its fuel-efficient engine and compact 4.2 gallon fuel tank, the Yamaha Ténéré 700 is Next Horizon ready, with a fuel range of over 215 miles per fill.


Engine type 689cc DOHC 4-Liquid Non-Cooled; 8 valves.

X Shot Hole. 80.0mm x 68.6mm.

Compression ratio 11.5:1.

Fuel delivery Fuel injection

6 speed transmission; Multiplate Clutch Wet.

The last part of the Chain. Read More !

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