Yamaha Water Fuel XT500 H20 by 2025

Yamaha Water Fuel XT500 H20 by 2025

Yamaha Water Fuel XT500 H20 by 2025. Yamaha is an old player in the motorcycle industry in the word. This brand with the fork logo has entered the archipelago since 1974. Yamaha motorbikes are generally popular for their spontaneous acceleration and agile motor skills.

Other, more environmentally friendly alternative energy for vehicles may soon be realized. Yamaha is reportedly developing a motorcycle with pure water fuel that may be able to pave from 2025.

The Yamaha motorcycle was develope

Yamaha Water Fuel XT500 H20 by 2025
Yamaha Water Fuel XT500 H20 by 2025

d by industrial designer Maxime Lefebvre, named XT500 H20. The concept of this motorcycle is called the enduro XT 500.

Released in 1976, the original, beloved enduro was designed by Shiro Nakamura to be a reliable, lightweight, and durable product. The motorcycle with 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels and its protruding shape makes it a perfect fit for dual-sport living.

Lefebvre was considering 2016 when he started working on this project. After going through three iterations, and numerous meetings with the Yamaha design team, Lefebvre decided the one he called never ran out. Like the original, the model will be light, tough, and easy to maintain.

The most interesting thing from Lefebvre’s idea is about the motor fuel. For 2025, Lefebvre said it could potentially shift fuel to a closed-loop H2O engine. This is supported by a water pump that continuously recycles water, so it is environmentally friendly and economical.

Reporting from RideApart, apart from rendering images of the concept motorbike, there is no other specific explanation about the work of the water system. However, as mentioned above, the performance of this environmentally friendly Yamaha concept motorcycle is predicted to rely on high-pressure water spray.

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