Yamaha WR 155 R 2020

Yamaha WR 155 R 2020

Yamaha WR 155 R 2020

The competition for the 150cc trail bike is getting more crowded with the presence of this motorbike Yamaha dirt bike, the “Yamaha WR155R This motorbike has been officially introduced for a long time with the launch of the all new NMAX and Yamaha XSR 155.

Specifications Yamaha WR 155R

Yamaha WR 155 R 2020
Yamaha WR 155 R 2020

The specifications of the Yamaha WR 155R are able to rival the Honda CRF150L or Kawasaki KLX 150 BF which first controlled the trail bike market in Indonesia. The specifications of this motorbike are indeed very sophisticated and are supported by the most powerful engine in its class.

The launch of the Yamaha WR 155R is quite surprising. But this step needs to be taken by Yamaha so as not to lose competitiveness from its competitors. During this time Yamaha was rumoured to be releasing a 150cc trail motorbike and finally, it really come true.

You could say the Yamaha WR 155R is the most powerful 150cc trail bike. The performance of this motorbike is able to rival the Kawasaki KLX 150 and Honda CRF150L by offering abundant power and torque at every engine speed. This advantage is inseparable from the VVA technology combined with a liquid-cooled 155cc SOHC engine.

The energy expended reaches 12.3 kW at 10,000 rpm and the torque penetrates 14.3 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Yamaha also provides it with a 6-speed manual transmission (1-N-2-3-4-5-6) which indirectly makes the engine pull even more optimal when crashing off-road terrain.

The Yamaha WR 155R’s off-road capabilities are as good as on-road capabilities. The reason Yamaha has provided him with dual-purpose tires that remain comfortable when used to drive on all terrain. Where for the size of the front tire are 2.75-21 45P and 4.10-18 59P rear tire?

Off-road performance of this motorbike does not need to doubt. Yamaha WR 155R offers off-road all-terrain capabilities that are suitable for adventure lovers. Moreover, Yamaha has provided him with an 8.1-litre gas tank, so there is no need to be afraid of running out of gas when travelling long distances.

The tank capacity of this motorbike is bigger than the trail bike in its class. However, these advantages make the Yamaha WR 155R slightly heavier, reaching 134 kg. As for the dimensions of the body has a length of 2,145 mm, a width of 840 mm, and a height of 1,200 mm.

The dimensions of this dirt bike are indeed quite high. Even the seat height reaches 888 mm and the lowest distance to the tower reaches 245 mm. As a result for those who are short will be a little trouble riding this motorbike. But after riding it, it will feel the comfort of riding the best trail bike.

The design is also very cool. Yamaha WR 155R has a tapered rear body with sharp corners on the tank cover and front fender. Unfortunately, this motorbike has not used an LED headlamp. Even so, the Yamaha WR 155R has been equipped with Hazard features.

The Hazard feature will be very helpful as a sign in an emergency situation. If only all the lights were LED, it would be very cool. These shortcomings are actually not a significant problem, because actually we can replace the lights ourselves. Also, the price of LED motorcycle lights is quite affordable, so it doesn’t matter if we buy them separately.

Then for the legs sector, the Yamaha WR 155R relies on a telescopic front suspension which has a diameter of 41 mm and a length of 899.1 mm. The suspension is claimed to be able to provide comfort and stability when used for adventure in all fields.

In our opinion, the Yamaha WR 155R should use the Upside Down front suspension like that of the Kawasaki KLX 150 and Honda CRF150L. Fortunately, the suspension of this motorbike is still comfortable and has a protective cover that makes the WR 155R look cooler.

Yamaha WR 155 R 2020
Yamaha WR 155 R 2020

Deficiencies in the front suspension will be covered by the rear suspension which already uses Linked-Type Monocros with gas, oil, and already supports adjustable preload. We can adjust the level of hardness of the suspension in accordance with the comfort and terrain traversed.

Then as a frame, it uses a frame type Semi-Double Cradle Frame that provides more stable and comfortable control. The frame is different from Yamaha’s sportbikes in general, which on average use a databox type frame.

Armed with the specifications and features above, we believe the Yamaha WR 155R will get a positive response from lovers of off-road motorcycles throughout Indonesia. Well, this motorbike is indeed very interesting because it offers features and specifications over the same trail bike class. Now for those who are interested in buying it, please refer to Yamaha WR 155R price information.

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