ALL New Yamaha X-ride 125 – In the middle of 2017 Yamaha has launching its automatic scooters to many country,their latest motorbike is a renewal of the previous Yamaha X-Ride version, the seriousness of Yamaha Yamaha clearly visible in the many changes brought by All New Yamaha X-ride 125, not only in the physical appearance, this bike clearly looks different in the use of its engine where the previous Yamaha X Ride uses a 110 cc engine.

Design and Dimensions

First, we will look at the design of the All-New Yamaha X-Ride 125, where this renewed motorbike has experienced many differences where the All-New Yamaha X-Ride 125 is a motorbike that carries the concept of an adventurous motorbike, this can be seen from the several designs it carries, the design The adventure he carries is very suitable for adventurous friends, the wide handlebar that is used also makes the motor manoeuvre even better. the appearance is also balanced by the use of LED Headlight with Day Running Light (DRL) as the headlamp.

Priced at the All-New Yamaha X-Ride 125, which is more expensive than its predecessor, it makes a lot of extras brought by the All-New Yamaha X-Ride 125, one of which is the use of luggage which is quite wide, although it is not yet able to carry a helmet the luggage used All-New Yamaha X-Ride 125 is still fairly wide, the All-New Yamaha X-Ride 125 will also be equipped with three attractive choices namely Exspoler Green, Passion Red and Tough Black.



The price of the All-New Yamaha X-Ride 125 which is more expensive will definitely make this motorbike will experience an upgrade, reportedly this new Yamaha motorbike will be equipped with the same engine used by Yamaha Soul, which uses 125 cc engine type 4 Step, 2 Valve SOHC Wind-Cooled Bluecore, the engine with the Blue Core technology is certainly able to provide a record of better fuel consumption.

The engine is capable of releasing 7.0 Kw power at 8000 rpm engine speed, while for the torque itself is able to achieve 9.6 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm, guided by the Fuel Injection fuel system and will be accompanied by Wet sump as the lubrication system, the performance is tough is sure to be very visible on the All-New Yamaha X-Ride 125 energy difference issued by its predecessor is quite large, this is also what makes the difference in the price of the All-New Yamaha X-Ride 125 is quite a lot.

Suspension and legs

The braking section looks no difference where this latest unit will use disc type brakes on the front and for the rear itself will use drum-type brakes, both types of braking are good enough, which is different in the legs and suspension is with This motorbike already uses tubeless tires which have not been used in the previous series, for the tires themselves will use the front tire with a size of 80 / 80-14M / C 43P and for the rear tire using tires measuring 100 / 70-14M / C 51P.

Features and Electricity

For the feature, if  this motorbike will be equipped with interesting features, in addition to the new striping that looks more assertive, this motorbike will also be equipped with an Adventure-style rear seat design that is able to provide comfortable driving comfort, which adds to the coolness is the use of Sub- tank suspension, which in addition to providing extra comfort also provides a maximum appearance, my friend does not need to buy a Custom Suspension anymore because it looks very good, another feature that should not be forgotten is the Eco Indicator feature which will show an economical and safe driving.

4-Step Engine Type, 2 Valve SOHC, Wind-Cooled, Bluecore

125 cc capacity

Electric Starter Starter & kick starter

Single Cylinder Cylinder Arrangement

Diameter x Step 52.4 x 57.9 mm

9.5: 1 Compression Ratio

A maximum power of 7.0 Kw / 8000 rpm

Maximum torque of 9.6 N.m / 5500 rpm

Full Automatic Transmission

Clucth Dry Centrifugal Couplings

Wet sump Lubrication System

Total Engine Oil Capacity: 0.84 L; Periodic: 0.80 L; Change Oil Filter: 0.80 L

Fuel Injection Fuel System. READ MORE !!!

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