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2023 New Yamaha YZ250X Specs And Price

2023 New Yamaha YZ250X Specs And Price

The presentation of the new Yamaha YZ250X is designed with all the reliability and durability you’d expect from a Yamaha, 2-not born for cross-border racing. The two cc 249 cc engine is equipped with YPV which is combined with a large ratio five speed transmission for the country’s leading crop.

Feature benefits

Superior characteristics

Incredible two-stage power: Cross-country listening & racing hope
The Yamaha YZ250X is optimized for the unique requirements of the Hare Scrambles and GNCC Race. The YPVS engine is equipped with two strokes of 249 cc, then on a five-speed transmission of a large ratio for the main cross-cutting power plant.

Advanced motocross derivative chassis

2023 New Yamaha YZ250X
2023 New Yamaha YZ250X

The ultra-light YZ250-spec frame features a carefully engineered combination of cast aluminum, forged and extruded parts for perfect rigidity and flexible scale. This fully industrial adaptable type KYB Front sensitive spring is attached to a high performance KYB which can be adapted to a wide range of long range rear shocks, both tested and specifically defined to meet requirements. -Household cross. .

Specific features of GNCC

Suspension parameters have focused on cross-country tires and Dunlop Geomax AT81, 18-inch rear wheels, wide-ratio transmission, narrow expansion chamber, closed o-ring chain, standard lateral fill and a PETCOC fuel tank with a perfect reserve position for GNCC racing.

Racing style and ergonomics

The YZ250X carries the YZ250 Motocrosser stroke heritage with the aggressive styling of the front mudguard in the rear brake guard. Complete with aluminum connectors, YZ-Style Feet, Grip Seats and Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires, the YZ250X is ready to compete straight from the chest.
Front brake is 270 mm The large 270 mm front rotor coupled to the high performance buffer material offers excellent control and performance of the engine, with superb and outstanding control.

Yamaha YZ250X Top Speed

The top speed of the Yamaha YZ250X can vary depending on a number of factors, such as rider weight, terrain, and riding conditions. However, Yamaha claims that the YZ250X can reach a top speed of approximately 80 mph (128 km/h) in ideal conditions. It’s important to note that top speed should always be approached with caution, as it can be dangerous and is not always a safe or legal speed to ride a dirt bike.

Yamaha YZ250X Performance

The Yamaha YZ250X is a high-performance two-stroke dirt bike designed for off-road racing and trail riding. It features a powerful 249cc liquid-cooled two-stroke engine that delivers impressive acceleration and top speed.

Here are some of the key performance features of the Yamaha YZ250X:

Engine: The YZ250X is powered by a high-performance 249cc two-stroke engine that delivers excellent power and torque. The engine is liquid-cooled and features Yamaha’s Power Valve System, which helps to deliver a smooth and responsive power delivery across the rev range.

Suspension: The YZ250X features a fully adjustable KYB suspension system that provides excellent handling and control over a variety of terrain. The front suspension is a 48mm KYB inverted fork, while the rear suspension is a fully adjustable KYB shock.

Brakes: The YZ250X features powerful hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, which provide excellent stopping power and control.

Lightweight: The YZ250X is built with lightweight materials and a slim, agile design, making it highly maneuverable and responsive on the trails.

Transmission: The YZ250X features a six-speed transmission that is optimized for off-road riding, with a wide gear ratio that provides excellent low-end torque and top-end speed.

Overall, the Yamaha YZ250X is a highly capable and versatile dirt bike that offers impressive performance on the trails and in off-road racing. It is designed for experienced riders who are looking for a high-performance machine that can handle a variety of terrain and riding conditions.

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YZ250 Power Tognend GNCC

Based on the YZ250 249cc two-stroke liquid cooled engine, the Yamaha YZ250X sports a revised compression ratio, exhaust port timing, revised Yamaha power valve system (YPVS™) and CDI unit model – all focused on creating a wide, inspectable power character ideal for cross-cutting race.

Revised supply valve

The YZ250X features Yamaha’s patented power supply system – with greater opening times compared to the YZ250 for smoother power – to combine lower end acceleration with higher end and average range.

Narrow exhaust pipe

The single compact exhaust expansion chamber is specially designed for the YZ250X to improve horizontal and vertical clearance on tight technical lines while offering excellent exhaust efficiency.

Advanced carburetor

A 38mm Hitachi Astemo Keihin PWK carburetor with accelerator position sensor mixes the correct fuel/air mixture and fierce gas response throughout the running strip.

Race admission system

The red carbon fiber valve caps specifically improve engine response and engine performance throughout the RPM range.

Five wide transmission speed ratio

Smoothly moving wide-ratio transmission ensures waterproof jungle gear on large open roads.

YZ250 cooling system

The large capacity radiator has a core of ten lines with four ground for maximum cooling efficiency.

Digital Ignition

The Digital CDI ignition system provides precise spark for a faster and stronger response across the tape, specifically tailored to the needs of the Yamaha YZ250X.

Chassis / Suspension

Foreground KYB at Industrial Fork

The essential and fully adjustable KYB SEPAS type fork with a piston speed sensitive gearbox to control the attenuation force for super-right manipulation and a smooth ride. With few wasted shots or sudden shocks for the rider, this bike is set up for the requirements of cross-country racing.

KYB Shock Smow

Fully adjustable KYB 12.4 inches displacement, separate expert for high-speed compression damping and high-speed rebound system for enhanced comfort, control and fantastic return wheel traction in tough conditions.

Yamaha Yz250

The aluminum frame and arms are carefully linked to the Yamaha YZ250X’s famous manipulation attested by championship winning motocross drivers on tracks around the world.

Soft Under-Ultrasound

The removable aluminum rear subframe is constructed from square cut tubing to reduce weight.

Front brake is 270 mm

The large 270 mm front rotor coupled to the high performance buffer material offers excellent control and performance of the engine, with superb and outstanding control.

Enduro wheels and tires

Worldwide Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires are competitive, while the 18-inch rear tires feature higher sidewalls for increased comfort.


Cross-country ergonomics

The “gripper” type seat and narrow fuel tank linked to the conical aluminum handlebar and adjustable frame create greater freedom of movement and more comfort for the rider.

Features of the Cross

The Yamaha YZ250X focuses on cross-country competition with 18-inch rear wheels, large gear ratios, standard lateral support, closed o-rings and emergency fuel.

Specifications YAMAHA YZ250X

2023 New Yamaha YZ250X
2023 New Yamaha YZ250X


249cc liquid cooled engine type; Installed valve
Bore x Race 66.4mm × 72.0mm
Compression Ratio 7.9~9.4:1
Hitachi Astempo Keihin PWK38S Fuel Delivery
5-speed mesh mesh transmission; Multiplate Wet Clutch.
End of Chain Reader


Suspension/before sensitive kyb reverse system; Fully customizable, 11.8 on the way
Rear KYB Single Suspension/Shock; Fully customizable, 12.4 in displacement
Hydraulic brake / front, 270mm . disc
Hydraulic/rear brake, disc 245mm
Ban / before 90 / 090-21 Dunlop geomax AT81F
Tires / Rear 110 / 100-18 Dunlop Geomax AT81


L x w x h 86.0 x 32.5 x 50.8 in
Seat Height 38.2 in
Wheelbase 58.5″.
Rake (Castor Launcher) 27.7 °
Trail 4.8 in.
Liquidation in ground 14.2 on
Fuel capacity 2.1 gal
Wet weight 229 lb

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