2024 Yamaha 04GEN Concept

2024 Yamaha 04GEN Concept

2024 Yamaha 04GEN Concept. Yamaha is never short of creative ideas. Concept scooters are often an exploratory approach to vehicle design aimed at illustrating the company’s future vision. This concept can include unique features, new technologies, and designs that are different from the bikes currently on the market.

If Yamaha has released a motorbike concept called 04GEN after September 2021, I don’t have specific information about that. However, you can look for related information from reliable news sources, the official Yamaha website or various social media platforms that may be talking about the bike.

Yamaha O4GEN Concept appeared at the Vietnam motor show which started yesterday. Come on stage

like a woman with full of grace. It is Yamaha design with high taste

full of art. Has a transparent body that shows the inside of the scooter.

2024 Yamaha 04GEN Concept
2024 Yamaha 04GEN Concept

The 2024 Yamaha O4GEN concept has wings on the back which make it look like a dragonfly.

Introduced on the catwalk like a model demonstrating clothes. Model

motorbikes in general certainly do not show the frame they are wearing.

The frame will be covered in the fairing and protected inside.


In contrast to O4GEN which appears with a clearly exposed frame.

In addition to a transparent body, of course, the exposed frame is also due to a

cover that can be opened like a dragonfly’s wings, the cover is transparent.


Having an Elegant, Futuristic

2024 Yamaha 04GEN Concept
2024 Yamaha 04GEN Concept

Having an elegant, futuristic and graceful shape is appropriate if the concept motorbike is feasible

into beautiful, luxurious, charming products and suitable for women.

Yamaha O4gen Kosep has a blue core engine that is no doubt capable of this technology

provide more economical fuel consumption. Cover transparent covering

Yamaha O4GEN is made of special materials. With all interior architecture,

O4GEN’s sophistication and luxury is the pinnacle of masterpieces fashion in motorcycles from Yamaha.


When we see a motorcycle for the first time, it must be its design. Yamaha already

presented 4 times a GEN concept.

Some kind of 2024 Yamaha generation GEN concept

The 01GEN was made in 2014 as a crossover with 2 front wheels.
02GEN also introduced in 2014 an electric wheelchair
03GEN an SUV with 3 wheels which is a concept from TRICITY
D4GEN is a futuristic scooter with wings and a charming transparent body.

The 04GEN has a conventional rear-wheel drive like an ordinary scooter. In

the front also looks like an old Vespa. and overall design

indeed slightly similar to the design of the Vespa. Will the Yamaha O4GEN concept go to the factory and be mass produced? Need proof on Next year.

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