2022 Review Yamaha SX VENOM

2022 Review Yamaha SX VENOM

The Yamaha Venom is a lightweight snowmobile for novice riders, with a fuel injection, electric starter, two stroke engine with a 397cc single cylinder engine capacity driven by a Camso Hacksaw 121 track.

Yamaha SXVENOM EFI Mesin Engine

Based on engine RPM, electronic fuel injection gives this Yamaha SXVENOM 397cc outstanding efficiency, computerized fuel injection and ensures reliable cold weather start with maximum fuel range with very low exhaust emissions.

Yamaha SXVENOM . Brake Performance

Hayes Yamaha SXVENOM powerful hydraulic stealth brake master cylinder equipped

with composite Stealth brake levers and lightweight calipers that can

provides strong stopping or braking and performs well.

CVTech Trail Bloc Drive Clutch and Invance Drive Clutch on Yamaha SXVENOM

The CVTech Trail Bloc drive clutch as well as the Invance drive clutch provide

Low temperature and reliable operation with wide ratio performance.

small diameter main bearing allows it to sit lower on the primary

for super low first gear.

 Yamaha SXVENOM . Fuel Tank Capacity

The Yamaha SXVENOM 11.7 gal / 44L fuel capacity, coupled with the EFI engine, provides an extended operating range.

Yamaha SXVENOM . Electrical

The Yamaha SXVENOM has a turnkey electric starter providing fast and reliable ignition in all conditions and climates.

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2022 Review Yamaha SX VENOM
2022 Review Yamaha SX VENOM





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