2022 New Yamaha Bolt R Specs 

2022 New Yamaha Bolt R Specs

Yamaha Bolt R Specs. The Yamaha Bolt R-SPE is removed with a hint of Chrome, which epitomizes the “bobber of urban performance” appearance. The compact chassis proudly showcases the 68-cubic-inch (942cc) 60-degree air-cooled chassis. Saily Motorcycle Sillines Add a minimalistic bobber screen and provide support for longer rides.

Main characteristics

Yamaha Bolt R Specs
Yamaha Bolt R Specs

Urban performance style

The R-spec bolts have been stripped with a hint of Chrome, epitomizing the “Performance Urban Bobber” appearance. The compact chassis proudly showcases the 58-inch (942 cc) two-degree V-Twin engine.

Rider-focused machines

The BOLT R-Spec uses Yamaha’s advanced technology to create a driving experience that is higher than other machines of similar size. The Fuel Injection and Inflammation Card has been specially selected for this motorcycle to deliver state of the art performance of its class with powerful low and mid-range torque that is sure to put a smile on any driver’s face.

Compact and stable chassis

The slim body and low seat design combine to provide the possibility of maneuvering the special sp bolt which is light and a stable sense of manipulation. The erect road posture helps the rider feel the wind, hear the sound and feel the pulse of the engine.

Ready to customize

For riders looking to build their own bike, the choice of R-spec bolts is limited only by the owner’s imagination. As the perfect starting canvas for personalization, the Bolt R-Spec is a prime example of a motorcycle designed and engineered with owner customization in mind.

Unique persona bolt

Components such as the 3.4 gallon fuel tank, v-twin muscle twin engine, front wheel and signature cross, belt conductor and steel racer all join the stylish hottrod bobber in Yamaha’s sporting heritage lineup.

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Machine Yamaha Bolt R Specs

Yamaha Bolt R Specs
Yamaha Bolt R Specs

Cold air V-Twin

The 58 cube (942 cc) engine is a roof 60 degree v-twin with four air-cooled with four cylinder valves, a Pent roof comb and a compression ratio of 9.0:1. The engine is designed to deliver excellent energy and low-Al torque.

Low internal friction

An oscillating arm of a special type of roller with needle buffer is used to minimize friction losses, increase durability and assist machining for ideal performance features.

Advanced cylinder design

The shape of the Pent’s giant combustion chamber is precisely to direct the supply in fuel/air to the center of the piston for more efficient combustion and maximum maximum power. Ceramic-composite cylinders offer excellent heat dissipation and reduce oil consumption.

Performance piston

High quality forged aluminum pistons have a light, high strength and compact design that contributes to reduced vibration and increased sustainability.

Fuel injection

Advanced twin-aleo fuel injection is used in the R-R-Spec specification to provide powerful acceleration for the pleasure of driving in urban areas. True 3D card for ignition timing and fuel injection improves mid and low range performance.

Compact air purifier

The stainless steel air purifier cover provides a “raw metal” look highlighting the R-spec’s signature bolts. In addition, the air purifier design offers high reception efficiency and increased torque characteristics.

Unique exhaust system bolt

The exhaust pipe arrangement from 2 to 1 on the right side of the engine contributes to animation performance and minimalist machine style, while producing a rich, raspy exhaust tone.

Chassis / Suspension.

Targeted manipulation frame
The dual containment frame offers precision manipulation and enhances the pleasure of city driving with a rigid support system that mounts the engine directly in the frame.

Low seat top

The low seats offer a good driving position while 27.2 inches of pavement, so most riders can easily put both feet on the ground when stopped.

Agile wheelbase

The 61.8-inch R-SPC short wheel drive contributes to the bike’s outstanding control, providing tight and shifting accuracy in city driving and solid, stable handling on the open road.

Advanced suspension

The Fat 41mm Front Fork Tube offers excellent suspension and dual-rear vibration performance, which includes a Piggyback Style chamber, set to provide exceptional comfort and handling while contributing to a low, aggressive engine profile.

Low maintenance belt reader

At only 21 mm wide, the drive belt contributes to an elegant and clean rear look. The belt has a carbon fiber core which adds strength and durability for long life.

Modern wheels and Tires

Typical Cross 12 Cross Wheels offer resistance and durability while Bridgestone Weightless sizes 100 / 090-19 and rear sizes 150 / 80-16 offer excellent route adhesion in a variety of

Condition Yamaha Bolt R Specs

Brake light

The front 298mm disc brakes and the rear 298mm disc brakes use wave rotors, a style commonly found on sport motorcycles. The front brakes use floating supports for severe heat distortion resistance, contributing to excellent braking performance.

Thin and elegant fuel tank

The 3.4 gallon fuel tank is a traditional tear drop with an elegant shape that covers both top and lateral surfaces. Plus, the premium Flansel design keeps the lines clean, enhancing the special style of bolt specs without the ugly tank points found on so many other bikes of its class.

Additional features Yamaha Bolt R

Modern lighting.
The LED taillights look cool and add to the modern bobber appeal.

Slide instrument
Summary The Digital LCD assembly provides a clean style with excellent visibility.

Real steel fenders
Front and rear rear fenders are ideal for customization, including paint and customization.

Bobber Style Chair
The simple motorcycle bench adds a minimalist boot look while providing support for longer excursions.


Engine type 58-cubic-inch (942cc) Air-cooled SOHC V-Twin; 4 valves.
Hole x stroke 85.0mm x 83.0mm.
Compression Index 9.0:1.
Fuel delivery Fuel injection
TCI Turned On: Controlled Ignition Transistor
5 speed transmission; Double the wet clutch
The last part of the Belt


4.7 inch travel telescopic fork
Suspension / rear Dual shock vibration, 2.8 inch travel
Brakes / Previous Unique hydraulic disc, 298mm
Unique hydraulic disc rear brake, 298mm
Tires / front 100 / 90-19 Bridgestone Exedra G721 F
Tires / rear tires 150 / 80-16 Bridgestone Exedra G722 R

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