2023 Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Limited, only 1,000 units

2023 Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Limited, only 1,000 units

Yamaha SR400 Final Edition, Last Model Sold for $5,734

2023 Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Limited, only 1,000 units. Yamaha SR400 Final Edition. The future motorbike will be the target of wealthy collectors as a legendary work from the Yamaha Company. Because after the name ‘Final Edition Limited’, this classic Yamaha SR400 Final Edition retro motorcycle will only be produced only 1,000 units, and will be the last edition before the SR400 is injected by the company.

Yamaha said the SR400 was unable to follow the various regulations that existed so far. For example, motorbikes without ABS can only be produced in 2021, and Euro 5 emission regulations for motorbikes in Japan must follow the country’s standards. The news circulated on social media. although in Japan it is certain that production will close for the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition, but the production of the SR400 will continue in Thailand. Although it is not detailed how long this country will do.

Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Limited comes in three colors, black, gray and blue. As a limited edition, as previously described, all three have special markings as the SR400 final edition motorcycle was first launched in 1978. For 43 years the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition scheme has not changed much. The classic retro design with round headlights in front still attracts European consumers. For four decades the changes to the SR400 have been minor or not too many because they have maintained their classic style.

Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Only updates such as changes to mirrors, disc brakes, legs, and others. The standard Yamaha SR400 Final Edition retails for 605,000 yen or the equivalent of $5,734, while the limited edition will launch March 15, 2021 and is priced at 748,000 yen or about $6,993.

Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Design

2023 Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Limited
2023 Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Limited

The iconic model owned by the manufacturers Yamaha SR400 Final Edition makes many people go crazy. If on four wheels there is a Land Rover Defender and a Mercedes-Benz G-Class that maintains its authentic form, then the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition also has the same thing happening on these two wheels.
Today the age of the Yamaha SR400 has reached 43 years.

Without changing the concept of massive form as well as the heart of the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition. Yamaha plans to end the journey of the classic roadster. Today, however, in the Japanese market, the 2021 Yamaha SR400 Final Edition was released.

Actually this is sad news Yamaha SR400 Final Edition. Yamaha SR400 has been introduced since 1978 at that time. SR400 is the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). And then the Yamaha SR400 was introduced to Europe, America, and Oceania in 2014. Its twin brother Yamaha SR500 was sold in Asia and Oceania in 1978–1999, North America the Yamaha SR400 was sold in 1978–1981, and Europe from 1978–1983.

This model was not sold in Japan.
As the last version, Yamaha is still working on the same SR400 as before. There is no change in appearance or shape around the body. Just a cosmetic refresher. Meanwhile, as a marker of ending their age, they will issue a limited edition series of 1,000 units in March, and hopefully you can get classic motorcycle lovers from the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition this year.

The difference between the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition is not a matter of technology or technicality. Just from the side view. The limited edition is finished in dark brown with retro pin striping. Also equipped with bronze rims. While the standard version has not changed much, his face tends to be innocent. And packaged in a two tone gray and blue theme.

Yamaha SR400 Final Edition kitchen runway

The old kitchen runway on the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition is still the main ammunition for the SR400. Initiated by a single piston two valve, 399 cc air cooled engine. Capable of spitting out 23 hp at 6,000 rpm and 28 Nm of torque out at 3,000 rpm. Combined with a five-speed manual gearbox. Very authentic and full of classics in this class. Although since a few years ago it has been adapted to the electronic injection system. And it doesn’t use a carburetor anymore.
The engine construction base adopts the decades-old model of the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition. Complete with a crank starter that we rarely encounter in modern motorcycles. Because from the start, the philosophy of the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition was aimed at the context of ease of maintenance. So only equipped with one piston with a simple circuit. Without the need for a lot of electrical systems in it.

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Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Frame Design

Yamaha SR400 Final Edition also did not make significant changes in the braking system. It still maintains the combination of disc brakes at the front and drum models for the rear wheels so that the impression doesn’t fade. No frills ABS. They don’t even compromise about the inclusion of modern elements. The headlights and surrounds are halogen only. And the cluster model meter panel provides only fundamental data: engine speed and speed. Like a classic motorbike. At that time.
Yamaha SR400 Final Edition engine range and technology

Its ology is attached to a semi-double cradle structure. The same design is applied to a roadster model like this. Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Considered tough and relevant to its character. While the damping support relies on conventional telescopic forks, as well as two shock absorbers at the rear. No settings.
It is very contradictory, indeed, the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition with strong rivals who also represent classic middle class motorcycles such as the Honda GB350 and H’Ness 350 which have a myriad of technologies even though they are classic models. Like the ABS sensor, it’s standard on many vehicles today.

There’s even traction control and device connectivity. But what does it matter to SR400 lovers? because they buy is a historical value, as well as a natural sense of riding a motorcycle. To ask for her hand, Yamaha sold at a price of $ 5,734 for the standard series. While the limited series will be announced soon.

A Glance at the Story of Yamaha SR400

2023 Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Limited
2023 Yamaha SR400 Final Edition Limited

The Yamaha SR400 Final Edition is one of Yamaha’s favorite roadsters for decades. The reason is not about high performance. But otherwise, because of the simple circuit on the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition. The dimensions are compact for a medium-sized motorcycle. Likewise, it has a classic appearance, and has a single cylinder engine, one blurator / injector, making it easy to maintain.

Talking about the beginning of its birth, can not be separated from the role of the great Dakar rally. The kitchen runway concept and construction are taken from the enduro type Yamaha XT500. Of course, he had competed in the desert endurance racing event, since 1975-1981. the platform was applied to the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition.
Sturdy design, reliable, and powerful. The three elements that are being pursued by classic motorcycle lovers are the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition.

A dozen years of paving, the SR500 is not a favorite anymore. He disappeared from the selling list just into the millennium era. Meanwhile, factory production has been discontinued since 1999. But it’s a different story with the Yamaha SR400 Final Edition. The Japanese local market is still strong, so it continues to be produced until now. And the European and United States markets were finally filled by the SR400 starting in 2014. To meet the growing demand for custom culture.

In the same year, Yamaha changed the technology a bit for customization. The single cylinder 399 cc engine has for decades maintained the gasoline supply system from the carburetor. However, the moment of rebranding to the European market earlier made the manufacturer of the tuning fork logo aware of the adaptation. The system was changed to electronic injection until now. But without messing with a simple concept that has been embedded since the 70s.

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