Review New Yamaha Zuma 125cc 2022 Specifications and Design

Review Yamaha Zuma 125cc 2022 Specifications and Design

Yamaha Zuma 125cc 2022. Yamaha launches the redesigned 2022 Zuma 125 scooter, with a new longer look for all your future urban adventures. From the new asymmetrical lighthouse to the claimed energy efficiency of 101 miles/gallon (42.9 km/liter), it’s a scooter ready for every ride. You don’t need more teens, going through all the components.

At the bottom of the body, we find Yamaha’s 125cc blue core engine. It’s a single cylinder, four stroke and liquid cool unit with Yamaha’s proprietary variable valve electron that operates on direct power supply – when you need to go through round tracks. Like most scooters, this is an automatic rotation machine, with a centrifugal clutch and a belt-driven transmission.

The ZUMA 125 2022 sports 12-inch light wheels with new duo tube tires, with what Yamaha Zuma 125cc describes as an “aggressive looking block model”. This is definitely not a scooter for off-ground. However, they want you to know that it’s not the adorable cute Zuma of the past. The last few years seem to have made this scooter even more powerful.

Yamaha Zuma 125cc 2022
Yamaha Zuma 125cc 2022

Main characteristics

Automatic convenience

The V-belt transmission is fully automatic and from the Push button Push button Yamaha ZUMA 125 a very practical transport option. The secondary standard and lateral standard, as well as the ignition switch lock cover, make it easy and sure to park too.

Plenty of storage with USB charging

The spacious under-seat storage compartment is spacious enough for a full face helmet and has two helmet hangers. The front storage compartment is equipped with a USB power jack to conveniently load your devices on the go.

Very ergonomic and does not run

There’s room for two in the Zuma 125 seat and plenty of lockout storage underneath. Easy progressive floorboards from top to bottom.

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Automatic convenience

Fully automatic, the V-belt transmission with centrifugal clutch provides easy, turn-and-go operation with outstanding off-the-line acceleration.

Clean walking design

The upswept exhaust incorporates two exhaust catalysts to reduce air pollution and meet emission regulations.

Comfort-focused engine bracket

Reliable steel engine bracket with rubber bushing connection provides a comfortable ride with reduced vibration. The link mechanism is positioned at the bottom of the chassis to maximize space for the storage compartment.

Easy start machine

The decompression mechanism on the Zuma 125 reduces engine crank compression pressure, combined with the starter generator control unit for a smooth and quiet engine start with improved fuel consumption.

Variable valve actuation

The Yamaha Zuma 125 engine features Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology, changing valve timing at different rpm, for linear acceleration, strong torque at lower speeds, and power that lasts up to the top-end.

Yamaha blue core engine

Yamaha Blue Core 125cc liquid cooled, four stroke, single cylinder engine, delivering excellent fuel efficiency and significant power for its compact size, features 4-valve SOHC head with 11.2:1 compression ratio, DiASil cylinders and aluminum alloy fake pistons. Fuel injection delivers the optimal fuel mixture for a variety of conditions, including easy cold starts.

Chassis / Suspension

Yamaha Zuma 125cc 2022
Yamaha Zuma 125cc 2022

Comfortable ergonomics

The luxurious and spacious driving position is ready for two, with a narrow seat design to facilitate one foot to the ground when stopped, and plenty of legroom in front of the driver’s seat. Meanwhile, passengers get a special foldable toe and secure grips that blend perfectly into the body design of the Zuma 125.

Continuous suspension

The telescopic fork features a bold outer tube for strength, while the fork boots help protect tires that measure 33 mm of fragments. The rear wheel swivel arm is equipped with twin rear shock absorbers with complete 3.1 inches of travel for comfortable driving on roads and on unpaved roads.

Extended fuel beach

The Zuma 125 offers extreme energy efficiency by carrying a 1.6 gallon fuel tank over a wide range of roaming. The fuel tank system includes a charcoal canister to control gasoline evaporation and reduce air pollution.

Hardy steel skeleton

The robust steel tube frame is light but strong and features a progressive design for easy installation.

Strong tires and wheels

Duro 120/70-12 Air chamber tires are thick rear and the 130/70-12 have an aggressive block pattern associated with light wheels designed for good handling on unpaved roads and on roads.

High quality braking

Front Hydraulic Disc 245mm and 230mm rear disc brakes offer plenty of stopping the r design wave the front rotor is added to the latest style. With an integrated braking system, the rear brake lever applies some of the brake force to the front brakes, while keeping the previous brakes in place so they don’t act on their own, for a safe and controlled stop.

Additional features

Modern Gauge Package

The elegant Yamaha Zuma 125 LCD gauge is equipped with a fuel gauge and various lights for easy visibility.

Plenty of storage with USB charging

The spacious under-seat storage compartment is spacious enough for a full face helmet and has two helmet hangers. The front storage compartment is equipped with a USB power jack to conveniently load your devices on the go.

Safe and comfortable

The Zuma 125 provides a center stand and the convenience of standing parking. For added security during parking, the main switch is equipped with a keyhole lock cover. And the fuel load is to the left of the ignition switch to facilitate refueling.

VVA Blue Core Engine

The strength of the ZUMA 125 is the blue nucleus of the Yamaha Compact, VVA (Variable Valve Actuations) 125cc 4-non-motor with 4 valves, 11.2:1 compression ratio, aluminum alloy cylinders and pistons, giving this modern scooter an economical reliability and performance. With an incredible 101 mpg* and a 1.6 gallon fuel tank, you get plenty of range too.

Rugged and adjustable lamp

The Zuma 125 features a new solid asymmetric projector design with an easily adjustable beam to optimize viewing angles for various runners.

Big and modern design

Under the new powerful styling, the Yamaha Zuma 125 is built with a strong steel frame with aggressive tire tread and outstanding suspension. The scooter offers capability on all types of roads, with plenty of options for your daily commute.


125cc liquid engine type found, unique 4-stroke SOHC; 4 valves.

Hole X Step 52.0 mm × 58.7 mm

Compression Ratio 11.2:1

Fuel Injection Fuel Delivery

TCI Ignition (Transport Controlled Ignition)

v . belt automatic transmission


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